Monday, 23 February 2009

What ev i done?

Here comes grumpy lil duckling name action..

What is this actually? I'm doing a bit of some crash course project.. thats y I'm away from my desk.. hehehe.. <-- evil laf

(psttt... dun tell my boss aah!)

This is one of the cute and adorable technique call brush-out.. I do have lotsa knitting yarn.. Wow.. I just love this! Cant wait to use up my leftover yarns.

Cute t-shirt eh?

This is an organza brooch... err.. not done with the pins yet.. only the embroidery part finished..

Aaah.. this is also nice... Lace! This lace was sewn on a water soluble fusible web.. So.. this is also known as "kerawang" in Malay... *wah.. imagining my future dress with this kinda lace on it.. dream on girl..*

Happy Birthday Maya.. not!
This is only a towel.. gimic.. its only an embroidery on towel..

This one is a "Save Mother Earth Bag" or you might say a recycle shopping bag...
ahh.. I just love bags..

This is my pencil case..

And lastly.. this bag is not included in the course ya!..
Just want to show you how I carry my embroidery machine from home.
I made this bag just for "her"

Away from my editorial board for a while

Hi there.. I will be away for a while from my editorial desk.. ehhe.. not exactly.. only away from my desk actually.. desk at my work place.. So, can't chat with you guys out there for now. Still be around updating blogs.. (if any). Will be back soon. Do email me if anything comes around... and need my attention. I will surely reply you ASAP.
Take care! Miss me already?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jajakraf giveaway

Jajakraf is having a very generous giveaway this time.. come lets join the fun promoting her creative blog at
Who knows you might be the winner.
Visit her blog HERE

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

DIY Photo frame

Neneth & I was thinking of a last minute gift for our friend Sheila. Since we never met Sheila in person, neither does she.. so we thought of giving a surprise gift.. A photo of both of us.. hahahah.. her virtual far away friend.. (yeahh... yeahh.. funny huh?)

How is it? Nice?? hahahahah...
How did I make it?? Maybe you want to do your last minute photoframe yourself... Here are some informal tutorial or the making of...

JURRA's Foto Frame!

1. Get a box or cardboard or what I use here is a Mounting board (thanx to Jaja who introduced me to this alien thing.. Never knew they sell this.. Jurra was so ignorant about this craft thingy)

2. Cut 2 pieces of your prefered size, 1 piece cut into a frame like shape above.

3. Prepare your fabric (sorry I dun have exact measurement cos I just simply cut as long as it can cover the frame).

4. I cut into 4 stripe, and then I sew it together to form the 4-sides

5. Then..opss I missed one picture -- I cut some leftover 6mm sponge to make a cushion at the front of the frame. Glue it to the frame.

6. Next, put the fabric on top of the sponge, glue it to the back side.

7. Yucks.. glue is so messy.. I wish I had a glue-gun.. I guess it will make my life easier..

8. For the back frame, I sew the fabric around like a bag and then turn it inside out.

9. Slide in the back board inside the fabric case & glue to cover the openings.

10. Embelish the corners with lace or anything you fancy. I used lace for the border.. and lil rose buds and butterfly to make it a bit alive...!

11. Lastly, stick together the front & the back frame with super glue.. so that it wont come off

12. Remember to attach a handle to it, any string or ribbon can do... So that you can hang it.


Don't forget to put your very most gorgeous picture inside!!

Happy Belated Birthday SHEILA!

She was born on 12 Feb 197-dot-

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hmm.. I made these too..

Hey.. not bad eh? I made this myself... Sworovski crystals are soo beautiful.. Although I don't really fancy accessories.. but I do love to wear 'em once in a while.. I learnt this from Epal too.. This one is the January Crystal project, but I only got the chance to learn to tie it recently.. I bought 2 projects and the other one is a necklace, but I let my niece to learn making it.. I'll take a photo soon..

Friday, 13 February 2009

Thank God Its mine

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

I'll let the picture tells the story..

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pocoyo not poyo

Hahaha.. more of pocoyo..! Actually its not Maya's.. she's only "borrowing" it for a while this morning. The has is for AuntieJ for her Lil Ethan.
See this sleepy early morning face.. She can't resist of not putting it on just to try out. She loves pocoyo too... SHe called it POYO..

The end..!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Slow coach me

I'm a bit slow lately with orders, hope you can cope with my slow coach.. Sew many things.. and yet sew little time. Made this diaper stacker for Faziah..
And this 2 diaperbags are for Shahirah.

Hope they will like it.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Come Over To My House - Quilt challenge

I got inspired to join the fun of this quilt challenge by Kak Diah. Seems like so many friends joining.. Oh I can't miss this time.. I really want to share the joy.. Its fun and easy to do.. want to know more.. click HERE to see what is going on..

I don't have much of quilt sraps.. As I only begin doing patchwork these few months now. This is all I have... and I make my house from scrap pieces .. I hope it can turn out nice when I completed the whole year block...

Nah.. See what I have! Very plain & simple... It didn't cost me any single cents... cos its all scrap pieces...

Very easy.. you must join the fun too! You can do it...! BOM with me..

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Whatever bag you named it

I made these bags last night... Similar technique like my diaper bag.. the only difference is that these bags have no extra pockets like a diaper bag.

It can be a shopping bag, casual bag or a handbag.. or stuff-everything-in-a-bag

I wonder if these bags are able to sell

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blue Smocking dress

I made this blue smocking for lil Sona (Deanna's lil princess).

Hope she likes it..

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Not-that-cute Cupcake pincussion

I feel like making cute pincussion for myself... actually I got inspired by Patchwork Pottery . Really admire her work... Err...but mine was awful... Well first attempt... I hope I can make better ones after this trial...

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