Thursday, 24 September 2009

My love is for real

Tada! As I have promised to show you how my mystery love looks like.. This is the result.
Its a wedding wall hanging requested by Ms Valery for her wedding recently. I can only publish the picture after the event is over, it won't be a surprise if I displayed earlier...

This masterpiece turn out huge.. I though it would be just around 40'x40'... but the exact size reached up to 60"x60"(arrgh.. I forgot to measure before handing over to Val.. so I don't have the exact figure..) I put this on my queensize bed when taking this pic (see my lil girl still sleeping by the side of our bed?), it covers the whole bed! Unbelievable.. A bit of extra size, but I treat it as a gift to the bride for the extra inches.. Hope she likes it.

If I were to make another one of this... errr.. I would think twice.. ! hehe.. not easy you know.. with my very limited time.. patchworking needs time & patience.

Missed you all

Hi there to all my loyal friends out there! Its been so long since I updated this blog. Thousand apology for my absence. I'm fine.. not to worry. Just that I had too much of overloaded outstanding orders, and I have over exhausted myself. I guess sewing gets harder while overcoming the 1st trimester. Appreciate all your support, without you readers out there, I won't be here producing more and more sewing masterpiece until today. For those who did not get their turn on their orders, I am trully sorry from the bottom of my heart. I wish I can have miracles for you...

My morning sickness is getting better now.. but at times it will get nasty.. with no warning.. Thank God I still can cope with my work.. and my lil Maya, who never give me a chance to rest! But, although it is hard to handle a kid at this age, she brightens my day with her cry & laughter..

Stay tune friends, I have so many things to upload.. I hope I have the time.. Please bear with me ya!

Friday, 4 September 2009

I love to love..

I'm love sick already...
Will only post the final masterpiece sometime next week..
Display is researved until event is over..
sneak preview only yaa..!

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