Friday, 31 October 2008

Sew Cute @ Sunny Supermarket Tg Aru

I am currently organising a booth promoting Janome sewing machine at Sunny Supermarket Tg Aru. Readers from around KK .. meet me in person there... for great offer price, and I can sign autograph too...hahhaa...! See u there!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I got this new lipstick of mine.. NOT! heheh.. no.. no.. no.. this is not a lipstick.. Its my new gadget...

What is this? Some of you might know what this is.. its another type of tailoring chalk.. There are all sorts of tailoring utensils available at stores.. but its all up to you to make use of it..

This chalk is refillable, it has a nozzle at the tip works like the tracing wheel, and the powdered filling will mark on to your fabric when you roll it.
Its practical, easy to remove, no stains at your hand and clean too. But the tracing is only temporary, once you dap on it.. swooosh.. off it goes...

Aaar.. this is what its called - Chaco Liner (white -- is the filling color, it has different colors - pink, blue.. or maybe many more..)

I was thinking if I could use the multi-color blackboard chalks.. just pound it into powder.. and fill it in.. I can even use talcum powder as the white refill..! Oh what a waste of buying the refill.. Never mind... at least I bought this for experiment.. next time I know how to refill it cheap!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lil white kurung with bullion rose trimmings

This is the real model of the lil white kurung I've made for lil Misha from Singapore. Such an adorable baby, isn't she?

Ready to sail

Row.. row.. row your boat..

Gently down the streaaaamm...


Maya's is ready to dreammmm...

I finally finished my sailboat wallhanging project by Epal for the month of October. Err.. yes... wall hanging.. not a baby quilt.. But my lil Maya can't stop playing with it.. until she pulled it on to her when going to sleep.. Ok.. thats a hint.. I must make her a baby quilt..
If you noticed.. the wall hanging has "feng shui" or luck... can you see the lucky number 88? And it has sailboat, water.. and a lot more if you know how to look at it... More to Chinese believe that brings luck.. I hope I'll get good luck out of my sewing...

My next project in class in Patchwork clock, and its 80% done ..

Friday, 24 October 2008

Apple ric rac booties

Made this last nite.. Wanted to test out using my MyLock744D.. but ended up only used 10% of the serging machine.. Still using my normal Janome All-In-One. I need to fiddle around this machine .. lot more to explore.. I must try applique technique using MyLock... next time then..

This is the only part I used the MyLock744D. THe good thing is.. I sew the edges and at the same time it sewn the 2 pieces together.. Save time.. Its using 4 thread with 2 needles... So the stitches is quite neat

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Bridesmaid dress

I forgot to post this dress I made early this month. Requested from the owner to take a pic with this dress on.. but still waiting..
FYI, this is my first time making a real dress for adult size.. Phew.. Thank God it turn out ok.. although I was a bit panicked at that time.. and had to rush to finish up my sewing before Hari Raya. Plus this challenging satin body fitting dress with linings...
Great challenge...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cherry pink booties

Same baby booties pattern with only additional cherry on top. I wanted to sew my next booties with my MyLock744D...
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

More of MyLock744D creations

Here are some of the creative creations by using the serging MyLock744D machine.. Err.. sorry.. this is not my creations ya! Items are solely owned by Epal Craft Center KK.. for demo only..
Actually it is a combination of Janome My Craft 6500 and MyLock744D.. But some of the features are also available with the Janome Harmony All-in-One 2049 model... its all in your creative hands... Beautiful isn't it?
Now this patchwork design is great... with additional roses bouquet made by Janome MyLock744D . The roses really stands-out on top of the patcwork.. great design.. I must try one!

Hah.. this is the simplest patchwork from scrap fabric.. Simply cut your sraps... sew it together with MyLock744D... and once you open up the 2 fabric ... tada... patchwork done.. You don't even have to use your sewing machine to stitch up the fabrics... the serging machine can do all the work. Same goes to the frills... with just additional presser foot.. can simplify your work.

A nice applique technique... also by using Mylock744D

The last but not least.. I dunno what its called... I guess its for home deco.. or a fruit basket..

Monday, 20 October 2008

Is that really me??

Hi there! Just to let you know that my blog was featured in today's New Straits Times NST - Tech&U Section, you can get a copy of the newspaper or read it online.. click HERE.

Is this my birthday wish?? FYI, I got this online email interview from one of the writer of NST Tech&U section on my birthday! At first I thought it was a scam email, but after reading a few times.. i forward it to my friend Shiela.. She has given me 100% support.. cos this would be once in a lifetime..

I hope this is a good starting point for my biz opportunity.. must get my brains working now.. To all of you out there.. you are my inspirations! Thanks for your support.. Comments & suggestion are always welcome & appreciated...

Friday, 17 October 2008

Snazzy & Such Give away...

Happy anniversary to Snazzy & Such (my favourite site)...
They are giving away goodies..

-- a tote bag.

whats inside??
-- an Australian Home Spun magazine, beads, buttons, one roll of ribbons and a fat quarter (you still have lots of space after you put all that in the bag).. and i’m giving it all a way…

and A LOT MORE!!!!

Grab the chance to try your luck to dip in and join the GIVE AWAY..
Go now.. lets celebrate SNAZZY & SUCH 1st BIRTHDAY !!!
click on her link above... you'll find out more!

Amazing creation by serging machine

I made this frilled tissue box cover yesterday... within a few minutes.. Looks like ordinary sewing techniques, but can you ever imagine that I made it using a serging or overlock machine only??
Believe it or not.... No other machine used... only with my Janome MYLOCK 744D!
This is my baby Janome MyLock744D.. I never thought it can make frills like this?

This is another feature that MyLock744D can do... sewing beads, piping & patchwork... Can your serging machine do this??

Thanks to Epal who organised this beneficial workshop for all VIP members who has bought this serging machine in effort to educate them on the multiple function of this special machine.
Each of us attending the workshop had to bring our own machine. Which I think is good, so that if any problems with your machine.. the tutor can help to have a look..

This is my new friend Mas & me (right).

Other VIP members participating in the workshop.

Full view of my placemat I made from the workshop, made of simple cotton fabric, fusible web, piping tape with string and gold string beads. All made by MyLock744D serging machine...!

Also the fabric pieces are sewn as patchwork design... I hope I can do more with my srap fabric..! Soon... I'll show u..

This is the original sample of tissue box cover

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shopping mania

I wonder when I can stop this online shopping habit. If my mom finds out... "ooh?? that's how all your money gone.. Yadda.. Yadda .. Yadda..."

Hehehe.. I don't mind spending on books.. I can keep them for generations...

Yes.. smocking...! Which I haven't even complete any yet... Patience.. everyone.. Patience!! I'll do it ... s.o.o.n...

Cuteeeee... book.... Can't wait to make those cute stuff..

Another sewing book on dress pattern drafting... I hope it'll help.. I think dress pattern drafting is very hard to make..! Huhu... I wonder when can I really master this tailoring method... I'm a bit too slow on this.. Too many maths here..

Awwwhh.. I like this.. Cos I really want to try into making patchwork. Wish me luck... on my continous projects...

Ok.. where did I get this books from?? I like this online bookstore.. cos I got free shipping for items bought RM200 above... Try it out.. Acma Mall. Its all at your fingertips..

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

More of Raya handmade

Forgot to post these items.. 2 more Baju Kurung I forgot to take picture..
These are 2 green cotton baju kurung for Mehrnaz & Yasmeen.

Pink flower Baju Kurung for Nina
Black & dark pink for Miera

And my last minute, table cloth. I made it in 30 minutes..! Yeah.. its so very simple. Just a simple round table cloth.. and a square orange color flowered organza, with very.. very .. very cheap thin yellow china satin. I just grab any fabric I pass by a store.. a day before Eid!

Monday, 13 October 2008

October Project - Sailboat Wall Hanging

Sorry for the delay on new updates.. I'm a bit busy lately with my girl. She's more clingy & playful lately. And I only had little time on my sewing.. But everyday is a good day sewing for me...

Here is my latest patchwork project. Actually this is my 2nd patchwork.. but my 1st one is still kept inside my drawer, nicely cut and had only sewn a few..
But as for the month of October, the Epal project of the month is The Sailboat Wall Hanging.

Don't laugh yaa.. this is my first attempt... and I have cut the material wrong! Not all.. but I spoilt 2 pieces.. I'd replaced one.. but as for the 2nd mistake, I can't afford to buy another RM28 per meter of American Cotton.. so I just continued with what I have with the help of my tutor. Only had to make a few adjustment & modification...


Silly & careless me! This is only 40% of the project.. just completed the middle part... I hope I can get it done soon..( I doubt it)..
This is the actual work.. Nice eh? I hope it'll turn out well..

Friday, 10 October 2008

Beaded Handbag Workshop

Its Epal workshop again..! We made our very own Beaded Handbag ... but this time there's only 2 enthusiastic participant attended this workshop.. There should be 6 person, but the others didn't turn up.. So ended up only Neneth & me.Above pic: Emmah (tutor) and Neneth
During breaktime session.. eating pickled guava with "belacan" (Malaysian cheeze.. heheh) and chili & soy sauce.. yummy.. See eager neneth eating..

Above from left: Emmah, Idah (tutor), neneth & meeee... Happy eating biscuits..

We learnt to sew beads on the handbag.. So this is only 20% of it...

Larger view of the fabric for the outer part of bag..

This is the sample of the handbag... I hope I can complete mine soon...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Curtain with scalop

I finally finished my sliding door curtains done before Hari Raya... Phew..! I nearly gave up .. cos I have too many to sew.. all due before Eid.. Thank God I managed to get it hanged on the Raya eve.. Wow.. my first scallop curtain! I learnt it at my Epal class for September project.. I was suppose to make a matching round table cloth... with matching cushion cover.. Unfortunately the material supplied was ugly..! Not suitable for my small side round table... So I made a different fabric instead.. (sorry forgot to take pic)

Tadaaa! My humble curtain!
I learn it from Epal.. ! Every project made is usable... Worth the money..!
I'll post some of my finished project.. soon..
Stay tuned.

Tiny Lil Jubah - The model

Ahh...!! Such an adorable lil baby! She's 2 months with a very beutiful smile.

This is the mother's original jubah (not sewn by me ya...). I tried my best to match the lil dress.. but could not find exact lace.. But still in the same "theme" - black Jubbah with silver lace.

Photos contributed by :-

Shireen, Singapore.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tiny lil Jubah

Another tiny lil Jubah dress for a little 2months++ baby girl from Singapore.
Its a black satin dress with silver lace ribbon and beaded with black & silver Japanese beads along the lace, that matched with her mom's dress. I will post a picture of them when I receive it later..
Very tiny right? For a 2months ++ baby girl.

Happy birthday to me!!

I'm happy today!
A special thanks to my mother who brought me to this world..
I love you mama..
I wish I can share my joy with all of you out there...
Without you.. I am no one..
Thank you for all the wishes..
May God Bless all of you..

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

White baju kurung with flower trimmings

I made this special order from Singapore.. a white kurung for a 5mnths old baby Misha... with pink bullion roses..

Picture was a bit blurry.. not sure why my hp pic is not so sharp lately..

At bottom of the kurung top.. I was supposed to embroidered some on the wrist.. but too little time... to catch the plane to Singapore...

hehehe.. not me.. the courier..

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