Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Apple Green Diaper Stacker

I just love colors ...
Its quite rare for those who might pick the color green as their favourite.. But I think green is nice! Cooling.. fresh & natural.. Hmm.. sorry about my hp camera is starting to get nasty.. The pics are not like the real WUSIWUG.. Its supposed to be a bright apple green in color. Although it is bright, it is still sweet, as the white background blends the color to be bit more softer.

I hope the "mom-2-b" loves this gift from Sindut. According to Sindut, she (the mother to receive this gift) loves this type of green. ( I hope)

Friday, 26 December 2008

See what I've won

Sorry this post was a bit late.. But its fun to share what I've won so far..

I won this all the way from US - http://ravelly1-quiltzblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/and-winner-is.html - received on the 13th December 2008.

Thanks Rhonda for the great givaway! I received 4 patterns and a green fat quarter.. Hey, you must visit her blog... she had made such beautiful quilts!

Next item I won is from Jajakraf.com -- http://www.jajakraf.com/give-away/the-winners-of-back-to-school-giveaway-are.htm -- items received on 23rd December 2008 -- by hand delivery by Jaja's hubby. The funny thing is... the 3 winners - Jurra, Sindut & Neneth -- we are all workmates..! har har har.. what a coincidence...

Nice box with lotsa books inside!!!... Yeah.. although Maya is still small.. I think Maya would really apreciate it when she starts to read.

I just luuuurvee givaways!.. Love you all!!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Weekend Stacks

Made some "urgent I want now" diaper stacker.... ahhaha... Thats wat I call it... instant & unplanned orders.. Hmm.. I know.. I know.. this is cutting queue... but *sigh* its very hard to say no... cos I consider every request is important ... I guess, its best to fix a due date.. but sometime when fixing a date can be frustrating.. when I can't deliver it on time.. I really hope to those who has given me the "take your time" orders... I deeply apologise for the delay.... I'm doing the best I could to make the very... very... very best with my own two hands.. (hmm.. sounds familliar.. who's blog name was that??)
I wish my legs can sew as well.. so that I can work twice faster... hahhaha..
This strawberry diaper stacker... sweet.. simple.. Hope Sindut will like it..

These 3 colors diaper stacker - Blue, Green & Red... for my very loyal blog friend - Mas all the way from Keningau.. She was on her way to her in-laws (hubby's side)...in Sipitang. She called me at 9pm saturday... and realised she wanted to order my diaper stacker earlier... but forgot.. So.. my urgent assignment is to get it done by a.m. next day...

*phew* that was fast... I broke my own record! 3 stacker in one night...

Want to order??... whoahhh.... not commerciallised yet ya...! I have to go one at a time..
Please bear with me... Luv ya!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lets play with Daisy Quilts!

I just love give aways...! Want to join the fun? Go visit Daisy Quilts now..! SHe is celebrating her 1st year blogging anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS!

Very nice quilts, knits & sewing stuff she made!

Baby dress set

I made this last nite.. last minute.. You know me.. all in the last minute.. that is all the time I have left... Please mind my loads of pending orders.. Due to very limited time, I have to squeeze my time last nite to cut & sew the balance of the previous dress I made for Mrs Badak.

This dress is for Mrs Badak's precious Jewel. I hope she can fit this dress, cos I don't have her measurement. My only guide is my McCalls patterns for babies. This size is the smallest - size S. Not sure if Jewel can fit into it... since the pattern is American size.

*sigh* I need rest.. (:

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My first Smocking

Finally I made my 1st smocking dress for my first "customer".. Deanna, for her sweet lil girl Sona. It really freaked me out.. imagine my first attempt of smocking and yet for customed made order... *phew* .. looks easy.. but not that easy for me.. I need more practice...

Hope she likes it. I'm supposed to make 2 dress.. ehehe.. but the other one.. still pending.. *sigh* bz me.. I'll make sure I get it done soon.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What have I done lately?

Hi there? Long time no update.. I was quite busy lately at work.. tied up with our company Family Day last Saturday Dec 13. Too many errands to be done, but I can still contribute this big red ribbon for the Family day deco. I made a pair of this red ribbon for the main door entrance. Sorry I didn't get the chance to take a pic of it hanged on the glass door... This is just the last minute snapshot for blogging purposes..ehehhe

Well... why red ribbon? Hmm ... actually x'mas is just around the corner, so they suggested the family day to have some x'mas feel ... at least, the ribbon can be recyled for the office deco during x'mas.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Lil girls Dresses with colored ribbons

I finally finished the 3 dresses for Mrs Badak.. I was told that these dresses are for x'mas gift for her friend's kids.

All materials provided by Mrs Badak herself.. she sure knows what to buy... even the linings..
Hope she likes it.. and also the kids' mommy.. too.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Back to school giveaway

Wanna join the fun see if you are lucky to win this fabulous books for kids... please visit Jajakraf..
Who knows this might be your lucky day... Visit her blog HERE.

Baju Melayu Cekak Musang

I finally completed the Malay traditional costume suit for boys.. made this one for my niece's 3 lil boys, customed made for her brother's wedding reception this coming Saturday. Her kids will be "page boy" or "flower boys" (hahah... is that the right word??) during that event...

This is for the youngest dude named Adam - aged 9 months
The shirt above with round colar neck (Baju Melayu Johor) matched with pants.

Here's for the trio heroes... from size S - Adam 9 mnths, M - Haziq 3 yrs, & L - Aiman 5 yrs old.

Closer view of the 'Mandarin collar" shirt. I guess adult size is easier to sew compare to tiny ones...
*Phew* .. I slept at 4am this morning! 3 down.. more to go...!

Luckily it fits 'em all...

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More dresses for girls

Very tied up with a few orders.. and I have due orders by this week (I hope I can finish 'em by Friday) - which is 3 dresses & 3 Baju Melayu Cekak Musang.
This is the only dress managed to sew for Mrs Badak last night but still 95% completed -- ribbons not attached yet. This dress is made from a non-cotton fabric (I don't know what its called.. all materials supplied by the owner), needs extra careful when sewing & cutting and with linings.

1 done 2 more dress to go.. We'll see if I can get it done tonight..

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Books AGAIN?!?!?


Micheal Miller fat quarters

Look what I got today! Arrived just within 8 days from US. Whoaaahhh... when can my shopping fever stop??? Help...!!

A designer fabric by Micheal Miller Carnival Bloom Fat Quarters Bundle Pink
Arrgghh.. I wanna buy more...

Monday, 1 December 2008

My girl

This is frilled skirt I made the other day.. which is supposed to be for a 10yrs old.. but this girl of mine cannot resist to try it on to herself... I guess she likes the "princess" look... although its a bit too big for her... Well worth the try...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Biscuit bedspread

This is only the pillow case part of my bedsheet set (or they call it biscuit bedspread)... Soooo.. tedious.. But I hope I can have beautiful dream sleeping on it...hehehe
Wait till I finish this whole thing..

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Times Book Fair

I can't belive i bought all these 7 books!! I bought these books from the Warehouse bookfair by Times bookstore at 1st floor Asia City Complex. Hey.. friends out there in KK, don't miss the chance to grab good books with great discounts up to 70%. Go today..! Last day will be on the 7thDec2008...

Great bargain indeed! Books which is normally RM80++ costs only RM20!! Whoaahh... this is too much, man! I wanna get some more... can someone spare me some m0N3Y??

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Smocking in on

Hey.. I made my first smocking dress!!!
haahahhh... gotcha!
Actually I wanted to spend time to do this tedious job.. but due to very itsy bitsy time.. I only managed to make soooo little smocking embroidery. This is my 1st (2nd actually... but my 1st one is nicely folded inside my drawer...only 2 rows done..)
Arrgghh... please give me back my marathon mood to sew... I'm a bit lA2Y... lately..heehhe
Isn't this dress sweeett??

Yeahh.. this is my very own work.. I don't know how it will turn out to be.. Wish me luck!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Janome is the brand

I was selected to attend a 1 day course by Epal last October 08 and has been appointed as one of the sales agent for Janome sewing machine.

The course is mainly on the marketting plan and learn the know-how of some of Janome machine.
These are the 3 projects done during the course which uses the MyLock 744D & MC6500. Too bad we didn't had the chance to do a hands-on MC11000, as the machine was not at KK Centre at that time..

Some people may be confused that Janome is the sewing machine brand, Epal is the Creative Craft Learning Centre and Mostwell Sdn Bhd is company that run this biz. I really enjoyed being an EPAL member, cos its fun to do the free courses plus interesting projects.. and I can earn more from it..

So I am now an agent... (hehehe .. is that for real).. I sell sewing machines...

Upon completing the 1 day course, I received my certificate of attendance. My first cert from Mostwell Sdn Bhd. I'm very new to EPAL, I've been with EPAL since end of July, only 4 months.. but I learn quite a lot!.

And the most important thing is.... I get some $$$ ... This is my 2nd cheque.. I forgot to get a snapshot of my 1st cheque that reached RM500++. How do I get the $$ from?? Its all in the effort.. i received bonus commision my sales.. and some of it is only bonus from the stuff I bought from Epal. I don't loose a thing from every cents I spent at Epal, as I will have bonuses in return.

Wanna know more? You know where to find me..

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