Friday, 19 December 2008

Baby dress set

I made this last nite.. last minute.. You know me.. all in the last minute.. that is all the time I have left... Please mind my loads of pending orders.. Due to very limited time, I have to squeeze my time last nite to cut & sew the balance of the previous dress I made for Mrs Badak.

This dress is for Mrs Badak's precious Jewel. I hope she can fit this dress, cos I don't have her measurement. My only guide is my McCalls patterns for babies. This size is the smallest - size S. Not sure if Jewel can fit into it... since the pattern is American size.

*sigh* I need rest.. (:


jaja said...

kiutnya baju ni Jurra..wah, jeles la yet proud of your talent..!keep it up dear!

maklang said...

bestnya...mana jurra beli pattern mc calls tu?

Jurra said...

Thank you Jaja.. *blushed*

Maklang, saya beli pattern tu kat satu kedai buat clearence sale, pattern tu 2nd hand punya.. tapi masih boleh guna.. Sayang saya tak beli banyak.. RM5 je satu pek.. Isk.. rugi tak borong.. Takde dah skrg.

Alviana said...

so cute.. love the fabric. :)

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