Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Baby Dress & a bonnet

I completed a white dress and a white baby bonnet for Antasia's order with a classic Sue Bonnet embroidery design on it.
Not sure of what dress to make for the baby, so I decided to make a semi-formal white dress, at least the mummy can put it on her baby for any occasion.

I hope she likes it, I guess the lil baby can only wear it when she is around 6-12months old, as Antasia requested for a 1yr old dress for her niece.. This dress is american size ..so, for asian, normally we used 1 size smaller.

These are complimentary towels with embroidered name on it.
Oh no! I forgot to take the picture of the baby quilt together with its pillowcase & bolstercase...
I will put up the picture tomorrow then...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Baby Girl Quilt gift set

I made this baby girl quilt set for a gift set ordered by Antasia. The set is supposed to come with a pair of bolster, pillowcase, a baby dress and a baby bonnet. Only finished the quilt, still trying to finish the other stuff, I thought I can finish last night, but too tired.. I must sleep before I get myself dizzy...
I love it... I hope this would be mine...
I'll show you the rest of the dress & bonnet & etc... I hope I didnt fell asleep again..
stay tuned.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Work in progress

A sneak preview of my work of art.. Stay tuned.. Hopefully I will be able to upload the finished product tomorrow..

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cute as a button

I'll go crazy when I bump into buttons! I must buy some.. no project in mind for buttons yet.. but just to have fun.. See these cute buttons..

Some has been sold out.. Very unique & irristable

You can visit the store for your own collection

Yoonie studio shop

My first button used so far... I made Maya her pants, since her pants has worn out and a bit tight. This time I'm using an applique flower design on it. I used the scraps of fabrics that Rhonda gave me

Cute lil tiny buttons...

Monday, 13 July 2009

East meets West

To Priscilla & Raymond
for their wedding on 11 & 12 July 2009.
She is my very good friend since schooldays!
Church mass at Sacret Heart ..I miss attending this one... hahaha.. busy with my sewing machine... to finish up the night reception..
*sigh* finally completed... one down.. more to go!
This dress is very similar to the dress I made before this..
Although I've done this a few times.. but this time is more challenging..
I have to make 2 sets of dress for 5 girls = 10 dress
I have to get their measurements by email.. I have to trust their mom's measurement or typo error (only guide them by email)
I was only given their picture too, so that I can guess how exactly they look like physically.
I have 5 multi sizes to make - 14, 12, 10, 6 & 4 years old
No matter how hard it is.. I will strive hard to make it.. Like Bryan Adams said, "Everything I do.. I do it for YOU" (yes all of you out there too)

This is the back side ... the ribbon was a bit short, since the organza fabric is limited.. and I have no more time to go out to buy more.. This is the only length I got.. But, no fear.. I had bought for standby.. rolls of organza ribbons.. In case anything happen..

Haaah.. This is HARD! For me ... you should feel the softness of the fabric... veryyy soft...needs extra carefull ya... and hard to handle..heheh
(mind my lazyness, I didn't get it ironed before taking pics... sleepy oredi)

A speghetti strap dress with semi round flair skirt.. Looks easy...
but only God knows how hard it is for me ... needs practice..
I made the embelishment simple this time.. only play around with ribbons and bows... I didnt get the close up for the gold dress bow ribbon has a tiny butterfly on it

Look at the cute lil girls in the dresses I made... not the girl in black, (the Kadazandusun traditional costume). I plan to make one for my lil Maya with a Dusun Lotud costume(coming soon.. dunno when)

Arent they pretty.. Mix multi-racial ... Malaysian & France

This cute girl is Azizah 6.. my good ol-pal Syedatul's daughter.. sexy oo..

Friday, 3 July 2009

The twins

Neneth came over to my house last night with her 2 kids Aishah & Hakim (background Mr Bean)

the four-eyes Aishah in action..

the two trying to grab the crackers

Sweet Aishah loves to pose with Maya.. but this Maya never wants to sit still... She always avoids the paparazzi nowadays!
Very hard to get good shot of her..
See the dress they wear... a same batik dress we bought from an expo exhibition at our office building. It was supposed to be RM15 per pair.. but we got it for Rm10 each..

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Lil Barney for lil Danish Arjuna

Danish Arjuna, hero of ol-time-good-friend of mine... Ziera who turns 1 on 16 May 2009

Towels.. towels.. towels...
Pair of t-shirt & pants..

A special request, Danish loves Barney & Elmo.. so he gets a Barney instead of both.. heheh..
I got one elmo head embroidery design if anybody wants... ?! Price... negotiable..

Embroidery for gifts

I made this... errr... not exactly the dress.. but only the embroidery part (not the pooh design, that is the original Walt Disney design on it) This dress is for Putri Ainin Ilyana, 2months.. (opps.. sorry Mummy Ida for the wrong spelling)
So cute.. I like this dress... so comfy... I really miss holding a newborn baby..

A towel for her too..

A small gift for my old friend Ida for her new baby...
Glad you liked it..

Nice2craft giveaway

I want to win... ! I wantttt...
I want customised towel for myself...
from a NICE person like Nice Shiela Tu kraf

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