Friday, 29 August 2008

I want this!

I bought my favourite Simply Knitting magazine recently and found a very very very CUTE cardigan! Arrghh.. I'm so crazy I want to make this.. but for who..? My girl? Neahh... too hot in Malaysia.. I wish I can go for holidays that need to wear sweaters!.. boo.. hoo..hoo..

See this cardie... isn't that beautiful????
I want to make.. but for who?
In fact.. very limited yarn in KK. I don't think I can find this sweet green color yarn..
Anybody want me to knit this cardie??
(I wonder who will respond)

Strawberry Booties

More of my booties.
This order was sewn for lil baby Sona.

Hope she likes it!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

100th already?

Time flies.. I didn't realise I've put up 100 post .
WOW.. Does that mean I sew 100 items??
hehehe.. neah!
But, on the other side.. I think I should count how many things that I've sewn or knit... Or should I list 'em down..?
Till then.. Thanks again for all your support & time to visit my humble blog. Without you out there.. there won't be a "Sew Cute" ever..
You made my day!

My lil Pocoyo

I never intend to make this bomber hat.. but yesterday when I were at my bro's place, we talked about making "baju kurung" for his 2 girls. Out of nowhere.. the lil niece of mine asked me to make her a "pocoyo" hat..
It really tickles me when thinking about this weird hat she wants....
OK.. here goes with my itcy hands.. I made one from felt material, blue color with white inside.
I'm a bit lousy in measuring.. the hat turn out to be Maya's size. My niece Affriena is 6yrs old.. although she is quite skinny size.. but the hat I've made was far too small for her.. Ends up.. Maya wearing it...

I'll make another one for her tonite.. I can't dissapoint her..

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Strawberry Pincussion

I need an instant pincussion for my Clover patchwork fine needles. I can't bear to loose even a single pin (100pins costs me RM29.00). So managed to make my own pincussion for easy grab on my pins. I also bought the finger presser for "ironing" my small patches after joining each piece. Also from Clover, cost around RM36 - doh! I haven't shown you my Olfa rottary cutter yet... arrgghh... why does it has to be that expensive? Gone with RM88..

So.. in order not to loose or slip of this ceramic-like finger presser, I tied the pincussion onto it like a keychain. Easier to "iron" & prick the pin... Easy way to get organised..

See.. I made more of the pincussions.. for my friends.. I know they would envy my pincussion.. So I decided to make a few for them as well.. and share the joy in sewing! Anyone interested? But in one condition.. you have to be my friend ..ehhehe..

A bit messy.. but what the heck.. as long as it can holds pins..

Cute eh? I love it too. I used felt material as well.. all hand-sewn.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Epal Workshop - Magic Kit (Bengkel Asas Tapak)

Yesterday I attended a workshop held by EPAL. The workshop was done once a month (I guess) to teach the EPAL students to learn the basics of how to use the multi-presser foot.

Very good workshop although we do not have enough time to complete our task..
So we had to complete our homework at home within 2 weeks before submitting up the sewing patterns to obtain the certificate.

This is my sewing machine, we have to bring our own machine to the workshop.
The kit (left packet)
The Magic Kit (bottom right) - every Janome Harmony 2049 comes free with this presser foot kit. At this workshop it teaches us on the function of each presser foot and how to use it.

Tutor Idah, showing the participants one of the presser foot.


I'm proud of my EPAL!

My first gold yarn embroidered sewn the word "Epal" on a piece of white cloth.

Break time... lunchtime..

THis is my buddies - Neneth (newly member) & Aween.

Neneth busy with her Tulip Cushion project.

Aween concerntrating with her EPAL gold embroidery..
I just love my EPAL!

Girl & Boy diaper stacker & booties set

Heyy.. I've done the diaper stacker match for the girl & boy ric rac booties...
Pinky Girl

Soccer Boy.

A bit plain.. (lack of ideas.. sleepy already. I'll do better next time). The soccer ball was embroidered with applique technique... Need to practice more of my machine embroidery..

Friday, 22 August 2008

Daisy.. daisy.. sewn on cardie..

Daisy..daisy on my cardie..
Completed finally!

My hands was a bit shakey when sewing this embroidery on the cardigan. Its not the same as sewing on the normal cotton fabric. This one needs extra gentle & patience .

The cardie is not mine... I wonder when I can make one for myself..

Tweety Mutley ordered this red cardie for her beloved mother for her birthday.

Pre-Happy Birthday auntie!

Ric Rac booties

More of newborn booties.. this time with ric rac lace..
Pink color booties with bright pink ribbon with cute OZ buttons.

Blue color booties for boys with blue beetle OZ button.
The perfect pairs for newborn girl & boy..

Very suitable as a gift. The owner requests for a diaper stacker to match the booties..

stay tuned..

Thursday, 21 August 2008

My books of the month..

I just love to buy books.. but just love to flick thru the pages... see nice pics.. close book... put them back to my drawer..
I need a proper library.. my books are growing..

Liliput Pink Mary Jane booties

I made this cute liliput A.K.A new born @ preemie Mary Jane booties for a dear friend Mrs J Family.

Wow.. this sole sure is small.. So that baby can wear it even on her 1st day!

A pre-gift for Baby J.. will be out of mummy's belly soon!

I'll call her baby "Jane"... since the family is all starting from letter J..

I remember a malay (Kedah version) of a riddle joke.. All starting from the letter "J"

here goes..

Japaq (Jaafar) jalan-jalan,

Japaq jumpa Jah,

Jah jolok jambu,

Japaq jolok juboq jah.. (hahaha.. sensored word)

Jah jerit -- "Jangan jolok-jolok"

Japaq jeling je...


Monday, 18 August 2008

I knit it my way..

Long time I did not update my knitting projects, as you know knitting really takes time to complete. Unless if you put all your time knitting every hour & minute of your day.. yes, you can finish a large size cardigan in just 1 week.

I made one cardigan for Tweety Mutley.. hmm.. I cant remember when I started it.. sometime end of June. The cardie was actually completed last week, but the finishing part was a bit time consuming - especially darning the yarns & the embroidery..

So here's the 98% of the cardigan I've made.. Need to complete the embroidery part. I made 2 daisies so far at the front.. I hope I can finish it tonight..

Just to share with you this interesting embroidery method - using a crochet hook to sew chain stitch to your knitting garment. I can't remember where I found the tutorial video on this one... But its surely fun to do.. and fast too..

Look at the chain stitch I made using the crochet hook.. saves time.. But I have to be more careful on straight lines.. too many glitches here and there.. hehehe..

This is my next project... Stripe Blue cardigan for baby Danish..

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Pink Love Diaper Stacker & Pink booties

This is the same order from Ms. Z of Wangsa Maju, KL - diaper stacker & booties for her baby.. The booties was a bit bigger for her 2 months old baby.. but can wear in long term.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blog Mate meet

What a nice surprise when I finally meet my blog friend Trisya Alessa A.K.A @ Aween.. We never met before this, only chat and blog hopping and reunited at Epal Centre Kota Kinabalu.. We want to make appoinment to meet together at class, but due to family & job commitment, we can't find the right time to meet each other.. Until one fine day.. a new fella came sit next to my seat.. smiling.. but we were too shy to start a conversation... But I really got the instict to just say "hi... I'm Zura"...

"ARRRGGGHHH...!!!!""" she shouted!!... ITS YOU!
Aween & me.

Hmm.. like good old pal..!

Aween concerntrating with her work..

See.. she's now good at machine embroidery..

More practice.... please.

This is my hands.. holding my 1st totebag.. that I got from Shiela (my machine seller & introducer). Cute bag indeed.. I finished it in 1 day.. But only the tote bag..Actually it comes with a makeup bag and one tiny purse. That one.. still not done yet.. I think I can make 'em as my homework.. should be easy.. as the instrution on the paper guide is very easy to understand.

This is the finished product.. but mind the crumpled fabric.. I should iron it before taking a pic. But I was too excited.. i just quicky snap a shot without making the final touch-up..

Can't imagine how happy I was looking at my first totebag..

All this while I have been sewing things.. but none for my own self..

(Kesian kan?)

The flower girls during the wedding mass

8 August 2008 was finally the day my lil-dresses I made were worn by the cutest flower girls in town! See the cute lil girls in front row... and the "flower-mamas" at the back with the bride.
(I only made the lil girls' dress ya.. not the mamas)

Yeah.. this is my old good friend of mine Sharon.. (miss her already) with her darling lil daughter, Andrea. Wow! sexy mama indeed!

Aawwhh.. this one is the cutest! The lil darling Ying Ying, although she was not lined up to be with the flower girls troop, cos she's only 2yrs old.. But she also wears the same dress I made... So cute, isn't she??
Phew! Mega project accomplished!
Hope you enjoy viewing..

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