Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The flower girls during the wedding mass

8 August 2008 was finally the day my lil-dresses I made were worn by the cutest flower girls in town! See the cute lil girls in front row... and the "flower-mamas" at the back with the bride.
(I only made the lil girls' dress ya.. not the mamas)

Yeah.. this is my old good friend of mine Sharon.. (miss her already) with her darling lil daughter, Andrea. Wow! sexy mama indeed!

Aawwhh.. this one is the cutest! The lil darling Ying Ying, although she was not lined up to be with the flower girls troop, cos she's only 2yrs old.. But she also wears the same dress I made... So cute, isn't she??
Phew! Mega project accomplished!
Hope you enjoy viewing..


Anonymous said...

hello,i'm nini.i've been searching for the flower that flower girl used to wear on top of their head.then,i found it in your blog.can u kindly help me tell what is the name of that thing? many thanks to you :)

Jurra said...

Hello nini... i think its the "Flower Girl Hair wreath"

Anonymous said...

i had 5 flower girls in my wedding ranging in ages from 7 to 14 and they all wore cute,white poofy,knee length dresses with veils,lace anklets and mary jane shoes.i had all five of them wear a cloth diaper with ruffled plastic panties over it! they all looked very cute and adorable!

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