Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blog Mate meet

What a nice surprise when I finally meet my blog friend Trisya Alessa A.K.A @ Aween.. We never met before this, only chat and blog hopping and reunited at Epal Centre Kota Kinabalu.. We want to make appoinment to meet together at class, but due to family & job commitment, we can't find the right time to meet each other.. Until one fine day.. a new fella came sit next to my seat.. smiling.. but we were too shy to start a conversation... But I really got the instict to just say "hi... I'm Zura"...

"ARRRGGGHHH...!!!!""" she shouted!!... ITS YOU!
Aween & me.

Hmm.. like good old pal..!

Aween concerntrating with her work..

See.. she's now good at machine embroidery..

More practice.... please.

This is my hands.. holding my 1st totebag.. that I got from Shiela (my machine seller & introducer). Cute bag indeed.. I finished it in 1 day.. But only the tote bag..Actually it comes with a makeup bag and one tiny purse. That one.. still not done yet.. I think I can make 'em as my homework.. should be easy.. as the instrution on the paper guide is very easy to understand.

This is the finished product.. but mind the crumpled fabric.. I should iron it before taking a pic. But I was too excited.. i just quicky snap a shot without making the final touch-up..

Can't imagine how happy I was looking at my first totebag..

All this while I have been sewing things.. but none for my own self..

(Kesian kan?)



Nda tebal pulak lipstick aku tu....

hannie said...

nah shioknya boleh meet in a place that you both love to go.
I'm still thinking if I should change my mind about getting them machine. How did you find time to get to the centre?

Jurra said...

Time is all up to your own schedule. As for me, I took 1 day leave or 1 day at weekend to finish a project, so that I spent my full day there.. The rest of the work I finish at home. I'll get my teacher to give me homework or brief me on what I can complete at home.. In fact all project has a book for own ref. & guidance.

So, you only spent quality time at classes, cos have very limited time.

Mine is worst, I do projects plus peoples orders.. Arrgghh.. I can't find a good time to rest.. Maybe after my 1yr free class is over.. then I can rest...hheheh.. if lahh..

Sheila Wahid said...

Salam..Nanti satu hari akan ku terbang ke KK, boleh jumpa di Pusat Epal KK.
Nanti kalau siap 12 projek, boleh dpt sijil MLVK Tahap 1, Boleh buat kelas pula ye :-)

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