Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Sippy bottle tote

I knit this little tote bag for Maya's sippy bottle for her to carry it around and easy to hang inside the car.. Theres no pattern for this.. I simply made it with my leftovers yarn..

Luckily it fits the bottle.

I can also tote along Maya's small flask. But its a bit too heavy for the yarn to hold the weight..


This is one small project I did last year, supposed to make 6 pieces of these placemat, but too lazy to make some more.. One is enuf lah.. ;))

( Bring the ocean to your dining or patio table! )

Finished size: about 18 inches wide by about 13 inches high
Materials: Worsted weight yarn, about 30 yds each of 4 colors, or about 120 yds of any color. 1 pr. US # 10 needles
Gauge: 4 sts and 5 rows = 1 inch

Note: We changed colors every 8 rows, except for the beginning and end colors which included the cast on and knit rows and bound off rows in the same color.Cast on 78 sts. K across for 2 rows.
Pattern :

Row 1: Keeping 3 sts at beg and end of row in knit st, work as follows:K 3, K 2 tog, 4 times, *then Y O K 1 , 8 times , K 2 tog 8 times* repeat between *'s across row to last 11 sts, K 2 tog 4 times, K 3.

Row 2 and 4: Purl across.

Row 3: Knit across.Repeat these 4 rows of pattern , keeping the 3 sts on each side in knit st every row, until about 12 ½ or 13 inches long. (measure along side edge of placemat), ending on a purl row. K 1 row, then knit 2 more rows.

Bind off in knit st.
Weave in yarn ends to back side of mat.

Dampen placemat and lay flat on a waterproof surface . With hands, smooth out sideways to even sts, and to a measurement of about 18 inches wide. (measure at both top and bottom of mat). Smooth up and down on mat to measure about 13 inches or so.The finished size is not too critical, but if you make more than one, be sure to smooth all others out to same finished size. Allow to dry thoroughly.

* You can make these in Holiday colors to dress up the table too!

Monday, 17 March 2008

More knitting projects

I made a shawl for my sister for her birthday, April 19, 2007.
Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl, pattern:-

Also knitted a small headband for Maya with crochet flower on it.

Digging my files

I'm digging out my old files on my knitting projects..I finally missed knitting so much you know.. and I plan to start it back again. People say, when you stop doing it, you may forget what you learnt.
I started to learn the basic knitting way back in 2006, when I was pregnant at that time. Never thought of doing this "Matsalleh" needlework... but I have dreamt of learning it all my life, ever since I was in primary school. I've only learnt crochetting at primary Six (12years old), and I always wanted to learn knitting using the 2 straight needles.. Since that, I have a strong desire to learn the art someday... Until, I met Hannah.. my ex-collegue.
I didn't knew Hannah can knit, as I was just chit chatting with her about some needleworks, and she mentioned she made some sweaters when she was abroad... WOW! My dreams really came thru...
Without waiting.. I forced her to teach me how to knit, cos I looked around the internet to see stuffs on how to Knit, it was such a frustration. Its not easy to learn thru pictures & texts. I need a sifu and finally found one.
We quickly went to the shop to buy a pair of 4.5mm bamboo needles and a ball of cheap acrylic yarn, just to test out a few stiches.
Alas! I learnt how to KNIT & PURL!
Its not that hard anyway...

This is my first sentimental-value-work-of-the-art!

A Baby Blanket for my baby Maya.. and a pair of booties.

(the baby legs was modelled by Alisha Mehrnaz - Jirra's cute lil one)

The 3 bunch of crazy knitters in Sabah. I managed to influenced Neneth to knit! She was reluctant to learn it at first.. but after a while.. hahahah... terpengaruh suda..

Hannah showing off her scarf that she knitted especially for her special friend Elson, and neneth with a sweater for her son Hakim..

Hey.. We're in the internet you know!... See this link


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cool Zebra Mummy

My friend Ziera ordered this 2 maternity blouse (Cool Zebra & Brown Cotton maternity blouse) for herself.
Another cooling blouse made from see-thru material.

Err.. I dunno what they call this material..

But it sure gives me headache sewing it...

Very very hard to sew.. cos it's slippery..

Thank God I've made it...
Front view, kimono over-lap style at the top part, with black lace decorating the chest.

Black satin ribbon tied at the back

A bit of "kedut" at the cuffs to add a bit of style to show off your nice bracelet.

(err... my bracelet hidden)

Blouse was made with a seperate camisole.

Old style camisole

Brown Cotton Maternity blouse

This brown flowery cotton is very confortable for expectant mummies.

With lil brown rose buds in the front to embelish the brown satin ribbon

Front view, ribbon loosen.

Back view, with ribbon tied at the back.

See more of the model:-


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