Monday, 29 June 2009

Finally completed

I finally completed my part-time 3 months dressmaking course held by Pusat Giat Mara, Penampang. With a very short period, we covered 7 modules: -

(1) Baju Melayu Cekak Musang,
(2) Men's Slacks,
(3) Modern Baju Kurung,
(4)Kebaya asli,
(5)Batik Men's shirt, and
(6) & (7) 2 types of womens skirt.

This is my Kebaya.. wow.. how come its so petite & not XXXL size?

haha.. dont get fooled by the mannequine.. the dress is MY size.. only by the help of pins that makes it slimmmmmmmmmm...

(sorry about the photo quality.. I just found out the camera lenses has Maya's fingerprints on it...)

This is the skirt... arrghh.. how on earth did I take this photo.. can't really see how it looks like exactly... I'll take the photo again when we get this back...

This is my old post.. the Baju Kurung Modern
And the skirt..

This is my man's batik shirt... Cool.. 1st time makin men's shirt.. not so bad..

Hah! This is the hardest one! Men's slack... If my hubby asked me to make one for him again.. I'd rather buy..

It has sooo many itsy bitsy parts .. pockets, waist bands, fly.. arrrrghhh... why do men need all this thing??

A baju Melayu Cekak Musang... this also needs a lot of patience & tidyness..

And.. lastly.. this is not in the module, but since I have spare time after I finished up my modules, I helped out the full-time students there to sew a nurse's uniform. Although I didn't manage to draft pattern & cut material.. at least I get the chance to sew the tops.

I will try one some day..

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sew quiet

Hi there! I've been sew very the very quiet lately.. Why? Cos I lost my voice! I have been sick nearly the whole month... my flu & cough passing over to Maya .. and passing it back to me.. Until my voice are gone...Yeah.. believe it or not.. my voice still rocks!

Maya has also on and off going to school. Poor Maya, she lost some weight due to her heavy flu & cough.

This is Maya in her new pair of her school sports attires. She was excited to wear it for the first time, I guess she feels like she's in the 'crowd'...

BUT... ahaaaa!!!! Only excited for a little while.. now she gets hold of her blankie & soft pillow. Yeah.. she will bring all these to school. Even the huge cushion pillow .. ! She will definitely grab any items she saw before she leaves the house..

Nah.. nah.. she is starting to get worried... "Pigi tempat nenekmama saja, tamau skola" (means, I want to go to granny's place, I don't want to go to school).
Hmm...what can I say, I have no choice but to send her to school.. She'll get over it.. although she cried a bit when sending her... after that, she's ok..

A bit tiring nowadays.. my laundry seems to increase everyday eversince Maya start school. She was trained not to wear diapers now, so, her spare pants & towels will definitely get wet .. AND i had to even wash her bag. Too bad her bag I made was not waterproof, so it can get dirty or wet easily..
Luckily I had extra bag for her.. hmm.. what the heck I buy a white bag for... easy to get it dirty.. Well.. I just like it.. plain white.. at least I can put her name on it..

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tote Boutique giveaway by Cik As

I really admire this bag.. I wish I can have one.. just trying my luck who knows I can win this bag...

And... good thing it has pockets!! Very practical...

Lets join the fun.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Aishah the lil cutie pie

Here are some pics of cute lil princess - Aishah in her flower girl dress ...
She really knows how to pose like a real princess in "baju kembang" she said..
Photos by Neneth..

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The birthday boy

Hi there friends..! I hope I can start off my sewing back on track again.. as I've left so many precious hours behind lately.. still had not recovered my ori voice yet... (who needs voice to sew anyway). Still in resting mode now... I'm just displaying my past work that i didnt manage to upload.. This is lil Ethan b/o Untie J
during his 2nd birthday recently early June. I embroidered front and back.. Cooool dude isn't he??

Monday, 8 June 2009

Sinta or Cinta

Its baby Sinta... thats the name of my old friend Aisah who came to visit me while she was on her "balik kampung" vacation with her family.. So trully sorry Aisah that you had to wait sooooo long to get your goodies.. what can I say.. I am only human.. please do accept my lame delay on your orders.. Another diaper stacker.. for your boy Deni.. sori yaa.. (dia besar suda..)
This one is actually by request to embelish her lil cardie cover which is originally plain pink with no embroidery on it.. So I thought of putting some lil flowers and her name on it..

And also I've replaced the ribbon which is accidentally torn off..
TADA... good as new!

A complimentary gift for my old close friend.. just a simple face towel...

Aisah.. I missed you so much..! We have known each other long enough...we are like sisters.. May our relationship last till the end of our lives...

One sick ..two sick ..3 sick rock

Arrggh.. hate it when my tonsils swollen & terrible cof-cof ... Same goes to my lil Maya who is on & off fever-cough-flu.. everyone is sick lately.. Hope it'll go off soon.. I need rest which I can never get .. *sigh* Luckily Maya loves taking her medicine..
I had sorethroat too... my voice turns very deep husky & sexy voice..har..har..har..
You should hear me sing..

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mischievous borrower

"Now this dress is mine..!" says lil Maya... No.. no.. this dress is not hers.. I just put it on her to test out the size if she fits.. Actually this dress was made for Aishah, Neneth's lil girl. She was assigned to be a flower girl for Neneth's sister's wedding.
I made two pairs.. another one is for her cuz Balkis, 7yrs old. I'll see if I can get their real pictures wearing it...

Luckily I have one model who can test it out to see if there is anything wrong with my cuttings.

Gold satin with cream colored waist band... matched with satin roses made from the same fabric.. I will make this similar flower girls dress some time soon for my best friend wedding, Cilla. So far this style is still a favourite...
If anyone has some other design you can suggest me to make, I can sure try for Cilla's flowergirl's 2nd night event set.

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