Monday, 8 June 2009

Sinta or Cinta

Its baby Sinta... thats the name of my old friend Aisah who came to visit me while she was on her "balik kampung" vacation with her family.. So trully sorry Aisah that you had to wait sooooo long to get your goodies.. what can I say.. I am only human.. please do accept my lame delay on your orders.. Another diaper stacker.. for your boy Deni.. sori yaa.. (dia besar suda..)
This one is actually by request to embelish her lil cardie cover which is originally plain pink with no embroidery on it.. So I thought of putting some lil flowers and her name on it..

And also I've replaced the ribbon which is accidentally torn off..
TADA... good as new!

A complimentary gift for my old close friend.. just a simple face towel...

Aisah.. I missed you so much..! We have known each other long enough...we are like sisters.. May our relationship last till the end of our lives...

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Rhonda said...

Hi Jurra. Sorry I haven't visited your blog in awhile. No real excuse.......LOL.....your sewing, as usual, is excellent and beautifully done. Hope your voice is back to normal or do you like the raspy, sexy voice??? LOL
Take care.

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