Friday, 30 January 2009

Sew Cute make my day!

I'm sewwww happy today!!! See what I have early this morning...!!

Oooo... I never thought it was made for me... See Jaja's post on this one... "Misteri Baju kecil"

Sew the very very very cutest!!

Jaja.. thanks for this mysterious surprise gift!! So touched... when I first open it.. I said to myself.. "I didn't remember if I ordered this green box?"

Awwwwhhh... so sweet of you Jaja..

A kind note from Jaja...

And a great namecard as well...

wow.. i really admire her work!

Yes.. this is what I've ordered from her.. 10 gift boxes... err... What is it for?? Errmm...Giveaway?? Errmm... I was thinking of making this my product packaging.. See how it goes lah... If the budget is ok... every purchase comes in a box... No promise ya.. I'll see what I can have... Jaja.. more work for you I guess..

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Book of the day..

I went for window shopping last weekend at 1 Borneo with my cuz & maya.. and found a new bookstore recently opened - Harris. Luckily I'm a Popular Bookstore member... Harris is also in Popular's family... So I get 10% discounts of any purchase. My itchy hands just cannot resist by not grabbing at least something.. THis is MUST HAVE thing ... a sewing book...!

This is a new book published in 2008 WOW!!! thats new! Its also cheap.. errr.. well.. this is the cheapest sewing book on the shelf - RM 47.90 if i'm not mistaken...

Why I like this book so much is because.. its not only focus on dressmaking.. it also featured the sewing machine technique & know-hows.. and of course.. my JANOME has these features as well... Isn't that great! All sorts of new & advanced creative technique as well..

And also my serging machine.. MyLock 744D... wow.. this is a good "bible"

All sorts of applique..

All sorts of fashion style.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda... How I wish I can tell you the whole story... Time is precious.. I'm hungry now.. tata!@

Sweet Yellow dress

Made this yellow dress last night for Sindut. Last minute work again.... Nothing much on the cutting.. As this is her choice of fabric & pattern..for just a simple dress with linings. It does look sweet after all.. even though no ribbons or anything to embelish it.. it sure is sweet to me..

Friday, 23 January 2009

Peachy flower girls

I made this simple flower-girl's dress for Sindut.. Her brother is getting married next week. Although a bit last minute .. Thank god I finished it on time before the Chinese New Year holiday. Hope she likes it..

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A "Nyonya Jual Sayur" Hat

Hahahaha... I dunno wat to name this hat.. My hubby said "nyonya jual sayur" hat meaning a hat worn by an elderly Chinese lady who sells vegetables.
I'm supposed to make a hat for Maya, cos she must wear a hat whenever we go out. I guess she's used to it.. Tried to hunt for readymade hat.. but can't find any.. perhaps no other toddlers in KK wears a hat like Maya..

I dont have patterns on hats.. so i just imitate a picture of a hat from a magazine... It works alrite... BUT.. its tooo big for Maya.. It covers half her face..hehehe... I'll have to make another one that can fit her now.. I will keep this for next 6 months... she'll fit by then I hope.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ribbons are beautiful

I just love ribbons! Ribbon embroidery (RE) is a very fine art of embroidery... Wish this one is my very own handmade... Dream on girl.. (errr.. I bought this)... I wonder when can I start making one for my own? This RE handbag is made by Maklang, from Kerteh Trengganu. Beautiful indeed... I love it.
I also bought an RE kit for my own to practice (are you sure Jurra?? you're taking RE online classes and yet nothing has been done so far..) ... hehehe
PS: Maklang or Kak Umi... gimme a lil "kick" to get my homework done!!! So lazy me...

And lastly, Maklang has given me this very meaningful gift, all handmade from her kind heart.. Its a Yassin covered by a handmade flowery fabric cover & tasbih made of glass beads.
Thank you Maklang for your kind thoughts... also thank you for being my friend. We will meet someday. Insya Allah..!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Didi's 3 beautiful princess

I feel honoured when the dress I made has been worn by the "superstars". The 3 dresses was initially ordered from Mrs Badak as a X'mas gift for her friend Didi to her 3 adorable girls.

Here is Didi's story about her 3 girls:

Hello Mazura,

How are you? I am Didi, Jocelyn's friend, who is Mommy to the three Girls whom you made beautiful dresses for last Christmas.

My Children absolutely loved the dresses as it made them feel like Princesses. My Youngest One didn't want to take the dress off ever! Jo and I had to tell her that it was to wear for the very special occasion of Christmas before she wanted to take it off.

Attached with this email are photos of the dresses as worn by my Girls. I've also included a photo of them wearing the dresses at a stage performance during the Gaya Street Christmas Carnival. We decided they were so beautiful that they were perfect for the stage show.

Thank you again for all your expertise. The dresses truly are a delight to wear.

Best regards,

Didi Wong

Adorable aren't they? I'm "sew" happy when people are happy!
Read more of Didi's

Whats next?

I have soo many things in mind.. feel like doing all.. but *sigh*.. sew much things.. sew little time!! For EPAL project, had to put aside some.. only did as much as I can.. if I could I wish I can do ALL 24 projects.. Next in hand is this ABC wall hanging.. I was thinking .. I want to make this into a quilt for my lil Maya.. but..I wanted to hang this on the wall too.. just right next to Maya's bed.. I know she would love to read the A-B-C.. She can sing the whole ABC song now.. she pronounced it a bit clearer now... Hmm.. see how things going. I'll decide later..

I miss my knitting toooooo!! Long time I didnt buy this magazine again.. I wonder what happen to my booking orders at Penguins Bookstore.. They didn't call me anymore for the latest issue of SIMPLY KNITTING which I've booked. I guess they have shipping problem or they don't order it anymore.. Hah.. well.. I have other alternatives... Got this from Signature..

I got the Simply Knitting diary 2009! Cute... (sayang lah... nak conteng)

This is cute... Huaaawww... :(( I wonder when can I spare my time knitting now... I've promised 1 cardi for Danish & 1 for Alicia ... I guess they have grown much bigger now..

I must get their new measurement now... Sorry my friends.. I must finish up my sewing fast.. then I can spare some time knitting..

Whoaaahhh!!! I like this one..!! Can I or can I not??

Now I love this book by Amy Butler..! I thought this would be a small paperbag book... I can't belive it is actually hardcover! And with pattern inside too!

Monday, 12 January 2009

A gift from a new friend

I received this precious gift from kak Diah. I have only met her on the blog.. As a token of her kind heart, she has sent me a pincussion specially handmade by her own self. I really admire her work... full of art. Get to know her... She is such an idol for me.. Thank you Kak Diah..

Strawberry Lunch Bag

This is the December project.. I have delayed quite a few projects due to other sewing requests that have been on queue for quite a while now..heheh.. sorry 'bout that frens!! I promise.. I will finish your orders the sooooonest I possibally can...

No matter what.. I still need to finish my Epal projects ASAP too!.. Yeah.. too many commitments.. But I enjoyed it...

This is it... I finally got it done yesterday.. It has a bag, with a water bottle tote & a mat with pocket. Cute isn't it.. But the color supplied for this kit was a bit dull I might say... I was hoping for a cuteeee pink & red color... but... arrghh.. what the heck.. its the learning process which is more important.. You can be more creative when you make your own next time..

The inside of the bag, i love the pocket too!

arrrggghhhh!!! HELP.. don't tell me to un-pick the stitches & put it back in!!!..
*sigh* silly me!

BUT.. One thing I never missed out... My Sew Cute label...hahahaha...

This will be my lil girl milk bottle warmer..ehhehe

Monday, 5 January 2009

Patchwork handbag

This is the November project I did finally completed yesterday.. Quite an interesting technique I learnt from Epal. They call it Fireworks Patchwork handbag.. not sure why "fireworks", I guess the sparks pattern is like fireworks..

The beginning of "patchworking"...
TADA!! I made it!..

The Epal trainer Idah said my workmanship is very neat...
(whoaahhh!!!... kembang!!)

And I love the inside too!

And I finally used my bias tape maker... so very easy to use! Now I can make better bias for my smocking dresses..

Friday, 2 January 2009

My very own diaper bag!

Finally I made my own diaper bag for Maya... Quite hard to find the right diaper bag in stores.. so I made it just rite for me. At least it doesn't really look like a diaper bag... More like a handbag when you see it..

It can fill all these too...!This is how it looks inside... I wanted to make more pockets & with zippers.. well.. next time.. This is a last minute work.. I made it on new years eve.

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