Friday, 16 January 2009

Didi's 3 beautiful princess

I feel honoured when the dress I made has been worn by the "superstars". The 3 dresses was initially ordered from Mrs Badak as a X'mas gift for her friend Didi to her 3 adorable girls.

Here is Didi's story about her 3 girls:

Hello Mazura,

How are you? I am Didi, Jocelyn's friend, who is Mommy to the three Girls whom you made beautiful dresses for last Christmas.

My Children absolutely loved the dresses as it made them feel like Princesses. My Youngest One didn't want to take the dress off ever! Jo and I had to tell her that it was to wear for the very special occasion of Christmas before she wanted to take it off.

Attached with this email are photos of the dresses as worn by my Girls. I've also included a photo of them wearing the dresses at a stage performance during the Gaya Street Christmas Carnival. We decided they were so beautiful that they were perfect for the stage show.

Thank you again for all your expertise. The dresses truly are a delight to wear.

Best regards,

Didi Wong

Adorable aren't they? I'm "sew" happy when people are happy!
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bukak kedai la...kalau tak cukup crew nanti saya mintak tuka ke sabah hu hu

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