Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hani's birthday giveaway

Happy Belated Birthday to HANI who turns ##?! last Monday I presume? But I'm not sure what date was that "Monday" as the date of the post I saw was 5thMay 2009... errr Hani, today is Wed, 29th April.. or I may be day dreaming..
Oh Well... what is important is my sincere birthday wish from your blog fren!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"Baju Malu Malu"

Recently my lil Maya likes to take off all her clothes... for no reason.. could be the weather is too hot.. or sometimes when she spills a little water on her dress.. she will definitely pull down her t-shirt from the neck until her chest and leave it there exposing her shoulders... and said "malu.. malu.. kan mama?" -- meaning "shame on me, right mama?" Too bad i didnt manage to capture her shots when she did that.. by the time i got my cam.. everything is off already!

So I made this "malu malu dress" for her so that she won't expand her t-shirt neck bands...

A simple cotton shirred dress, using an elastic thread inside.

At least she's happy.. but she refuses to wear this long though... I guess she feels too exposed.. and shy to wear it..

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sew inspiring books

Finally I got my book a few weeks ago.. I was hunting for this book all around town and KL too.. couldn't find it... Its good to buy books at Amazon, when you are really looking for your inspiring hassle. Not sure how much it cost at the local bookstore.. could be more expensive or could be cheaper.. I'm sure some of you got this book too.. Thats where I got my influence from...

This is what I always look into a book.. FREE PATTERNS!!

And I also love this doodle embroidery.. although computerised embroidery machine can do this job perfectly & faster.. But nothing compares to hand embroidery.. I really admire those who have the in-born skills to make beautiful hand-sew embroidery. That is truly original work of art.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I want to join the fun too!!.. Come join with me and visit this site to get to know her creative handmades.. Say hi to Idayu..

Visit her shop:

And know her closely at

These are the giveaway gifts ..
Well.. I think the best thing about giveaways is you will get more friends!

Moral of the story.. when will jurra-sewcute organise her giveaway??

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Damages done

Do you know that ironing is a good excercise?? And you should never let your kitten iron your precious garments yaa??? or.. ..? THis is what will happen.... when damages done... cry me a river!!!!!!!!

Its not mine actually... it belongs to a friend of mine name Tweety Tandhoori Sanggam.. who was too lazy to iron her own clothes... and asked her kitty cat to iron her precious Churidhar dress.... see... I told ya.. never to trust a cat Tweety Bird!!

Luckily the damaged part was only the pants. There was only 2-3 spots of cracks on the fabric. I was supposed to hand sew it, but the fabric was too fragile, I was a bit worried it will get worst if not handle carfully. Finally, my problem solved.. my Janome MC350 saves my life.
So i was thinking of putting an iron on fusible fabric on the inside to secure the fabric from breaking off.

FInally ... Tada!!!!!! This is how it looks like after the "cover-up". Luckily I have flower designs which is quite similar to the embroidered top design.

So.. the plain colored pants has extra designs now..

Holes & cracks covered.

Seemless cracks... beauty of embroidery...

*Phew* ...!
I saved the pants for this Churidhar...!
P/S: Tweety... put it on and take a pic ya!

Modern Baju Kurung

A trial dressmaking - Baju Kurung Moden or A Modern Baju Kurung for myself... whoahh!... its an XXXXL size..hehehe..I made this "Baju Kurung Moden" during my dressmaking class at Giat Mara. I'm so happy I can now draft my own bodyfit pattern, (although I cannot fit into tight fitting garments of course), now I have learned how to make proper measurement & draft a pattern. Just the very basic... But with this little basic, I hope I can do more style in future.. Still got a lot to learn! The skirt has fan pleates at the back. On top of that, I have learned to make skirt with semi-elastic waist bands at the sides. Very interesting technique indeed. I never made this before you know... All this while I can only make an elastic-all-around-waist skirt. At least now.. I can do nicer waist bands... with hooks.

As for the neck opening, I don't know what do you call this shape.. some say its a "sweetheart" neck. Not that easy with this very silky thin & hard-to-handle fabric... I guess I'll just have to learn the hard way... in case if I were to sew satin dress.. at least I have done my practice.
Finished my 2nd project with Giat Mara dressmaking, next class we're going to make trousers for men. Wow! This is hard...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Red Red Wine Mary Jane booties

I made a surprise gift for baby Sufi Afiqah D.O. Jajakraf, a red booties to match with her diaper stacker... I can't thing of anything else for her gift since birth.. well.. its better late than never..

Monday, 13 April 2009

Polkadots Diaper stacker

This would be a different look... which I also like.. POLKADOTS!!
Something different.. with a touch of pink & brown polkadots.

Ordered by Deanna. Hope she likes the embroidered Ladybug.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Visit my booth

I am joining together with Epal Craft Centre in participating for an event -
Sabah Trade Centre
April 9th - 12th, 2009
10.30am - 6.30pm
Come and visit our booth "Pusat Kraftangan Epal". There will be lots of exhibitors from various field, eg: manufacturing, industrial machineries, SMIs, food & beverage industry and a lot more!!

Janome Harmony All-in-One 2049




1 unit available
1st come 1st serve basis
OFFER ENDS 30th April 2009.
Anyone interested, please visit my booth!
or email me anytime! If you have my number.. just call me

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

No more surprises

Tadaa... finally I finished Jaja's diaper stacker after such a long time.. huhuhu.. sorry my dearest good fren.. I don't mean to delay.. buat *gosh* how I wish I can be 10times faster than my normal pace..

Here's to baby Sufi Afiqah.. haven't actually see this baby.. she's around 4 months I guess? Beautiful name!

Here's for you...

Hope you like it Jaja!

I need a break

I really need a break, after long hours of work, heavy traffic-jams, sewing & daily chores... I guess I really need a break. I envy some friends go on holidays abroad.. I wish I had "Dibo the wish dragon" to send me to BALI

Anyone of you been to BALI before?.. Mind sharing me some tips on how to go travel in Bali.. I heard BANDUNG was great too! Is Jakarta cheap? How much $$$ do I need to travel?

I dream on shopping for sewing stash.. I guess Indonesia is heaven! Hope I'm right..

Aaahhhh... I need this nice massage!!!

See more of Jurra-sewcute Holiday mood here!

Monday, 6 April 2009

White booties, Purple & Green Diaper Stacker

White Mary Jane booties for newborn
A gift set of diaper stacker & booties made for Marysia.

Another purple diaper stacker for a mom-2-b RynnChu.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Retro Tote @diaper Bag

I made a tote @ diaper bag for Sindut. Very similar to the one I've made before this, only slightly bigger.. remember THIS bag? I also embroidery her name on it.. Hope she likes it.

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