Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Modern Baju Kurung

A trial dressmaking - Baju Kurung Moden or A Modern Baju Kurung for myself... whoahh!... its an XXXXL size..hehehe..I made this "Baju Kurung Moden" during my dressmaking class at Giat Mara. I'm so happy I can now draft my own bodyfit pattern, (although I cannot fit into tight fitting garments of course), now I have learned how to make proper measurement & draft a pattern. Just the very basic... But with this little basic, I hope I can do more style in future.. Still got a lot to learn! The skirt has fan pleates at the back. On top of that, I have learned to make skirt with semi-elastic waist bands at the sides. Very interesting technique indeed. I never made this before you know... All this while I can only make an elastic-all-around-waist skirt. At least now.. I can do nicer waist bands... with hooks.

As for the neck opening, I don't know what do you call this shape.. some say its a "sweetheart" neck. Not that easy with this very silky thin & hard-to-handle fabric... I guess I'll just have to learn the hard way... in case if I were to sew satin dress.. at least I have done my practice.
Finished my 2nd project with Giat Mara dressmaking, next class we're going to make trousers for men. Wow! This is hard...

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