Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Diaper stacker & towels

Here are some towels & a diaper stacker ordered by Yone as a gift for her friend. She was not sure of what color theme she wants for the baby boy Hafeez. So I come up with this mix pastel color cotton fabric

Just a simple applique star embroidered with his name on it...

Hafeez everywhere...

Hope she likes it..

Oppss.. this is not Hafeez... hmmm... she just love to "sibuk" around my stuff..

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rolled Hem

What is a "rolled hem"? Rolled hem is a hem that is rolled.. har.. har..har.. I don't know how to describe what is it exactly. It works best if you have limited & too tiny hem allowance .. and it saves you a lot of time.. Its neat because the fabric are rolled inside without any need to serge..

All you need is a hemming foot (see pic above). Some sewing machine does not have accessories especially for extra presser feet.. But my Janome comes with 15 presser feet (if I count the number right.. ) for free..

This is an alteration process of my friend Auntie J's dress.. she needs it shorter a bit... So, I just shorten the length of the dress and sew this rolled hem to it..

I prefer rolled hem on dresses, blouses, ruffles, linings, tablecloths, scarves and any tiny hems, not only its neat but it can be a stylish way to finish your final touch-up...
Its so easy to make.. but needs practice, cos it might not come out as you wanted... if you have lost patience... I tell you..!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Towels out

My lil Maya day at the nursery was ok now.. she cried for a while when sending her in the morning,but once she's in, she's ok.... She had to start practicing her potty training now. I realised that when I found her used pants damp with her shee shee.. and smelly towels too.

I embroidered her old towel last nite, to tag it with her name on it. I have to label every items, so that it won't get mixed up with the others. Yesterday her shoes went missing... I guess someone might have accidentally worn her shoes ... Hmm.. I wish i can embroider her shoes..hahaha.. yer rite!

The design above is a cute baby on a wagon. The big M font is an applique design and used a printed striped red & white felt fabric. Looks easy.. but the estimated time for this embrodery is 57 minutes. Not including my own sweet time changing colors etc ... sure is a lot of work to be done..

I'm getting more addicted to make more of this crazy embroidery... my itchy hands keeps on searching on the web for cute design... hehehe.. I guess there is no end to this addictive hobby.. Too many ideas in mind since my girl went to nursery... Now I'm thinking of making her something to wear...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Maya is going to school...

Oh my poor Maya, she has to go thru schooling at early age of 2yrs 6months. I hv no choice but to send her to a day care centre... since my mom is not well to take care of her..

I had to prepare her stuff to bring over.. a last minute job... a simple tote bag... a bath towel & face towel embroidered her name on it.. I didn't manage to do it on the bag...

Here is Maya at the nursery... she surely know how to peek around the place... I bet she likes the place.. She surely do like the playground...

Getting comfortable sitting on the bench table while waiting for the principal Teacher Lina, to register her in...

What is this? Pee-ka-boo! I see you! "Maya monkey" <-- says Maya.
I hope she will continue going to school from tomorrow onwards. When I called her principal today, she said Maya was ok so far as for now (lunchtime). They are going to take their bath soon. According to teacher Lina, she cried a bit off & on in the morning after I left her.. But now she's ok...
Normally, parents were advice to send them for half day only .. especially on the first few days.. But since I have no one to take care of her.. and my leave has totally run out... so I have to leave her there until afternoon. As long as she's ok, said the teacher... she'll be fine..

Hope she'll be happy...

Friday, 15 May 2009

Aishah's embroidered pants

Wah.. I never thought it would turn out great... hehheeh (pat on my back). Even my Maya doesn't have embroidered pants yet.... Someday..
These pants are not made by me... it is trully handmade by Neneth! The only part that is mine is the embroidery... I hv too many designs to be tested out... Only thing that is lack is time.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Friday, 8 May 2009

Early morning face

This is my Maya with her early morning poses.. Actually I embroidered a set of towels for my neice Syaza, as she will be going off to further her studies in matriculation, but look who's eyeing for the towel instead?!>!>!

Maya just loved these cute toons..

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Maya & Aishah

Two beautiful names for two precious pumpkins... Maya & Aishah
My Maya & Neneth's Aishah...
Neneth and I went for grocery shopping one day when we saw some cheap children wear on sale...we thought of buying our daughter a same piece.. until we found this white long-sleeved t-shirt with butterfly applique on it. This t-shirt sure is adorable!

So I embroidered their names on it....
For Aishah

For Maya Zahirah

Do you know that a fabric pen has its eraser?? Maybe some of you might not know.. I don't know about it either in the first place.. I bought it long time ago.. but I forgot to test it out...

See the lines I that I've drawn on the fabric as a marker line.. It can easily wiped off in no time.
There are 2 types of pen - air erasable & water erasable..
If you're using air erasable, you don't have to clean it, it will dissapear in a few minutes. But sometimes it won't come off that instant... So it is useful to have this pen eraser, for instant cleanup.
And as for water erasable pen, you can only clean it off by washing.. So, if you are sewing stuff for your friend or customer, you wont have to worry about your ugly temporary markings any more.. Just erase it... TADA! off it goes...

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