Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rolled Hem

What is a "rolled hem"? Rolled hem is a hem that is rolled.. har.. har..har.. I don't know how to describe what is it exactly. It works best if you have limited & too tiny hem allowance .. and it saves you a lot of time.. Its neat because the fabric are rolled inside without any need to serge..

All you need is a hemming foot (see pic above). Some sewing machine does not have accessories especially for extra presser feet.. But my Janome comes with 15 presser feet (if I count the number right.. ) for free..

This is an alteration process of my friend Auntie J's dress.. she needs it shorter a bit... So, I just shorten the length of the dress and sew this rolled hem to it..

I prefer rolled hem on dresses, blouses, ruffles, linings, tablecloths, scarves and any tiny hems, not only its neat but it can be a stylish way to finish your final touch-up...
Its so easy to make.. but needs practice, cos it might not come out as you wanted... if you have lost patience... I tell you..!


Sindut said...

That cloth looks to-die-for!

bie said...

salam..bgskan pki rolled hem ni..saya ada satu..tp belum berjaya nk roll lagi haha..selalu fail bila nk start huhu..kena praktis lagi ni

farahan said...

samalah..saya pon ada satu rolled hem, tp tulah tak berjaya nak bagi rolled, kena byk praktis lg.

NaNAKidBoutique said...

salam <<
is this the sewing machine or the serger , very nice offer you have very nice embroidey by the way :)

Jurra said...

Salam Nana, I used my normal Janome All-in-One Harmony sewing maching to do this rolled hem.

If you are using any other sewing machine, you have to buy the presser foot specially for making rolled hem, you can try ask around at sewing stuff shop.

How to make it? You need to do lots of trial & error before you can make a perfect rolled hem.

I may suggest you search the net for "rolled hem tutorial"... video tutorial might help too!

NaNAKidBoutique said...

I won't to tell you that I did it at last ,,, one more thing i used the steam and it was great at the end thankx alot

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