Friday, 15 May 2009

Aishah's embroidered pants

Wah.. I never thought it would turn out great... hehheeh (pat on my back). Even my Maya doesn't have embroidered pants yet.... Someday..
These pants are not made by me... it is trully handmade by Neneth! The only part that is mine is the embroidery... I hv too many designs to be tested out... Only thing that is lack is time.


Sindut said...

Sew Cute!!!

MaMa DhiYYa said...

cutenyer.... pink lagi terror tol la k.jurra nih bab2 embroidery nih...
kena lagi jari-jemari yang kreatif terpikat kita..
kalau la dekat nak tompang berguru nih =)

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Hello, I see you do embroidery and I have been wanting to buy an embroidery machine. What is the model that you are using and how much is it?

Does it come with pre-loaded patterns or I need to purchase them separately?

Thank you ever so much.


Jurra said...

Sindut - cute ya? lets put on our old t-shirt.

Mama Dhiyya - kene rajin main dgn warna & cari idea dr internet. Baru dpt ilham.. Jauh pun takpe.. saya pun belajar dr mcm2 source..

Zohrah, I'm using Janome embroidery machine model MC350e. Not sure about other brands. Mine cost RM10K, another model MC300 - RM5.9K

It has only 100 in-built design. Designs comes seperately - have to buy 'em. But most of the designs I showed in my post are bought from the internet. SOme designs are available for free too.

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