Thursday, 21 May 2009

Towels out

My lil Maya day at the nursery was ok now.. she cried for a while when sending her in the morning,but once she's in, she's ok.... She had to start practicing her potty training now. I realised that when I found her used pants damp with her shee shee.. and smelly towels too.

I embroidered her old towel last nite, to tag it with her name on it. I have to label every items, so that it won't get mixed up with the others. Yesterday her shoes went missing... I guess someone might have accidentally worn her shoes ... Hmm.. I wish i can embroider her shoes..hahaha.. yer rite!

The design above is a cute baby on a wagon. The big M font is an applique design and used a printed striped red & white felt fabric. Looks easy.. but the estimated time for this embrodery is 57 minutes. Not including my own sweet time changing colors etc ... sure is a lot of work to be done..

I'm getting more addicted to make more of this crazy embroidery... my itchy hands keeps on searching on the web for cute design... hehehe.. I guess there is no end to this addictive hobby.. Too many ideas in mind since my girl went to nursery... Now I'm thinking of making her something to wear...


Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

When you said its RM 10K for the machine. I nearly got an heart attack. It is very expensive compare to buying in Singapore.

I wonder when it would rain money as I want to buy Brother Innov-is 1500 or I just settled for the 900 instead.

Jurra said...

Yeah, Janome is far more cheaper in S'pore or any other place. I guess the sole distributor of Janome Malaysia has monopolised the market of Janome sales here.

In my opinion buying the best sewing machine a very difficult desicion. No one can decide the best for you but yourselves.

Good luck in your future investment.

DiahRothman said...

Zura, sedih nya baca pasal Maya. Teringat waktu anak2 KDee dulu. Macam-macam kerenah. The best was, my boy. Waktu tinggal nangis beriya-iya. Once we turn off the next corner, dia dah lari ikut kawan.
All those things are part and parcel of being a working mom. Sometimes without realizing our kids became the victim. But each individu ada keperluan masing-masing, hanya keadaan akan menentukan. Sabar lah Zura, hoping Maya will get use to her new environment soon.

linda said...

canteknyaa..towel tu..x jual ke?kalau ada nk oder..hehe

日月神教-任我行 said...


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