Thursday, 31 December 2009

Countdown 2010

New Year is just a few hours from now..
Wishing you a Happy New Year, May all your 2010 resolution will come true!

This is also to inform you that ALL NEW ORDERS WILL BE CLOSED temporarily until further notice. Although my due date will be in March, I have to concentrate with my own preparation and still in progress of completing some delayed orders.

To all my friends out there who is still waiting for my work to complete, please pray for my health... and strength. I am deeply sorry to drag your request for quite some time, due to my unfit & physically "heavy" now .. my sewing pace has also decreased. Hope you can still bear with me... I will do the best I can.

Thank you for your support & patience everyone!
Without you readers, I won't be here ..

Do email me if you have any enquiries.. I'm still reachable via email or YM: aruzamo or SKYPE: jurramo
I will respond to you the soonest possible.

Happy New Year
"Kotobian Toun Wagu"
"Selamat Tahun baru"

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Specially for... x'mas

Here are some orders on towel embroidery, for x'mas gift.

This one is my gift to my friend Irene, during our gift exhange in the office.
Hope you like it Irene!

And the rest are ordered by Flo Dawn, the black "Mumchee" is embroidered on a t-shirt for Flo's auntie, and the other cute ones are for her teenage nieces or cousins... Hope they'll love it...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Doctor Bag

I love this bag...I just love it.. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the sample at Epal.

This is an extra project I made and learned from Epal Centre. If you are an Epal VIP Member, you should receive a newsletter from Epal for December 2009, about this bag.. and they are selling various types of bag handles including the inner iron support handle (for the opening of the bag)

Side view
( the ends of the zippers are neatly wrapped and hand-sewn in a button shape plastic holder)
sorry I didnt manage to take the picture of the inner stuff.
I never knew there are so many things used to make a bag that I never seen before..

This is the opening of the bag... very wide.. I like it... The openings are supported by a hidden metal handle , also hand-sewn into it... hardly noticeable right?

The best of all... I've gone thru the challenge of sewing this bag.. looks easy... but if you got the technique wrong... only God knows if you have such great patience..

Last but not least, the leather handle are also hand-sewn... to attach to the body. No worries.. it is strong enough to support your load... cos I used the strong thread for sewing shoes.. That should hold up the strap firmly..

This bag is not for sale or order for this moment... maybe next year...! I would turn it into a diaper bag... or mommies bag...

FYI, I'm the first who made this Doctor Bag here in Epal KK Centre... wow... not sure why no body wants to buy the Kit.. In my opinion, although it is quite pricey.. but the the technique is very unique.. and you can learn a lot from it... Even my hubby can't believe I've made this bag!!! He finally HOLD it.. OPEN it... PEEK inside it... OBSERVE my workmanship ...and was quite impressed with my work.. "THIS IS GOOD WORK" he said. I never heard him complimenting my work all this while.. hehe.. He made my day today~

Monday, 21 December 2009

Cutie Hello Kitty

Another cute set of towels (from small face towel, medium & large towel) for a Hello Kitty Fan Shirley for her adorable girl Anniesen..
as she really love Hello Kitty soooo much..

Cute set isnt it? I love it too.. I must make one for myself too... err.. for baby .. hehe..

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Stash swap

I received my stash swap from Diesha last week, so happy to receive the goodies! Thanks Diesha! I love it... Above pic is the main stash - 3 fat quarters, 10 buttons (got more than 10), 2 A4 size felt, and 2 types of ribbon (got 1 extra piece).

These are the whole stash, together with the extra special stash from the sender.. a few shapely cut felt for embelishment, extra ribbon and a piece of handmade ribbon embroidery ... A very nice stash indeed.

Thanks again Diesha, sorry I forgot to sms u.. when I received it.

Hexy #8

Completed my Hexy #8 for kak Dee, with theme of red & yellow.
Another 2 sets for her as well, the last 2 sets will be black & yellow. Hope to get it done by this week..

Phew.. I sure did a marathon.. I managed to cope up with all 10 sets within 2 months!
Wow what a challenging achievement indeed.
I started my 2nd hexy set only in November, and now I'm finishing my last 2 sets in Mid Dec.
(pat my own shoulders)

I really like this art of hand sewn method... at least I didnt get to waste my time, I can sit anywhere, any free minutes... to do this hexy.. even in the car...( of course when I'm not driving).
Time is so precious now.. since my big belly really giving hard time sitting with my Janome.

Sorry for all my friends out there who is still waiting for their orders.. Sorrryyy if i dragged it too long.. I might have to cancel orders, or put on hold until after confinement.. But I will try my best to make as much as I can by end of Dec 2009.

After new year 2010, it will be a new year for me.. I will be concerntrating with my own health, my own newborn preparation..(arrghh.. I hv not made any for my coming bb yet.. boo hoo hoo).. and a new life will begin..

Sorry to dissapoint some of you readers... well, I'm doing my best..
Wish me luck!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Hexy #5

Hexy set no.5 for Via, theme color blue... sent by post - done.

3 more sets to go.. which means 30 pieces of daisies to gooooooo... for Kak Diah... the last and final member who took 3 sets..

So far I received (for my turn) from:
Kak Diah
(sorry, forgot to take pics...)

Yet to receive from:
Cik Kema
(slow.. slow..akan ku tunggu juga..)

My Maternity blouse

Finally I get the chance to make my own maternity blouse....

Unfortunately my hubby teased me when I put this on... he said since when did I started to wear colorful clothes... You look like a clown! He said! ARRRGGGHH...!!!! Is there something wrong with the color?? Oh gost I was so damn angry...!

Yeaah.. I admit I normally wear black or dark colored PLAIN blouse... hoping to look "slimmer". But I thought of a little change.... Eiikk.. it really pissed me off this time... and I was suppose to wear it yesterday to a wedding... Since I got that irritating comments.. I put it away..! Sob..

*sigh* hah well... I'll make a new one.. with a dull color next..
Not sure if I had a bad taste or he's the one who is blind...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Warm Pink Baby Quilt..

I made this baby quilt for girl... This time I change to a warm color tone.. yet still pink.. but warm pink... Ordered by my friend Rini.. for her sister-in-law.. Hmm.. Rini, how about your own new baby quilt?? Haha.. I dun think I can manage to make another one for you... cos our expectedd due date are about the same... haha.. I hv no baby quilt for my own too! *sob sob* (see how things goes.. )

I need one tooo....!

A pillow case and 2 bolster case...

Arr.. this pic is blurry... its taken at 4am... my eyes are nearly shut as well.. mind my lousy pic quality.. The Malays sayings "Asalkan ada..."

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

6th Hexy

Done with my 6th set of Hexy for Ms Shima.. her prefered color is Pink & Yellow.
Hope she likes it.

Oppss... I think I swapped the 5th turn... u-ohhH! 5th hexy turn is supposed to be VIA, blue & yellow... How on earth did I missed out this one.. (need to check my eyesight now.. too much of sewing.. huh...? hehe)

SORRY VIA!! Don't worry.. I'll be very FAST!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Discount RM500 for Janome sewing machine.

Hello friends out there! I have a great deal this month... !
Offer only valid till 30th November 2009.

a special discount of RM500 from any purchase of any of the above Janome sewing machine.

Original Price:
1. All-in-one Harmony Model 2049-RM2,499.00

2. Serging Sewing machine MyLock 744D-RM2,499.00

3. All purpose sewing machine Model MC6500-RM5,499.00

4. Computerised Embroidery Machine Model MC300E-RM5,999.00

5. MC11000 : Mesin Jahit serbaguna + Sulam komputer - RM18k

6. MB-4 : Mesin Sulam komputer semi industri - RM30k+

Terms & Conditions:
* CASH or Credit Card ONLY
* Offer valid until 30thNovember 2009 ONLY
Only 1 unit entitled for this offer... so HURRY and grab this chance in a lifetime!

For further info please contact me:
YM: aruzamo
SKYPE: jurramo

-Sorry.. offer taken!-

Happy surprise day

What day is today? Today is nothing but a Monday... Just feel like sending someone a surprise gift for her newborn son. Just a simple gift.. I hope she likes it... Its a body suit and two washcloth..

To Reena, surprised eh? Nothing much from me, I wanted to sew something extra special... but I wish I had extra magic to make me do work extra fast .. this is the least I can do for now.. Hope you won't mind.. just the embroidery machine does the work...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cute embroidery for babies

Isnt it adorable? I can't wait to make things out of these designs...
stay tuned..

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Baby Baju kurung

I made 2 pairs of baby baju kurung for the age of 3-6mnths, for Ms Amie...Hope she likes it..

Monday, 16 November 2009

4th hexy

This is the 4th hexy set for Ms Naiz.. Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

3rd Hexy

This is my 3rd set of hexies for Pn Akma...
Red & pink buds... err bud the inner bud pink color was a bit dark warm pink.. I hope she likes it... Its on its way by mr postman..

Monday, 9 November 2009

Baby Snowdrops Giveaway

Are you using cloth pads? I do!... FYI, I love it.. some might say... eewwww.. thats filthy... well... same goes with baby cloth diapers with poo poos .. how do u clean it? Still... needs washing rite?

Here is a giveway... not a contest.. but this store is giving away for lucky winner with free cloth pads samples... Lets join... who knows you might love it!

Powered by

November babies

We celebrated 2 birthdays in the month of November.. two cousins.. Syamim & Maya. Just us the siblings & nieces & nephews.... at nenek-mama's house.

Since Syamim is a very big fan of Harry Potter... I made her a customized embroidery Harry Potter glasses pattern on a tshirt.

Another cute girls design on towel
( a design by

The cuzs with gifts..

Maya was so excited with her Hello Kitty cake. Thanks to my darling sister who sponsored the cakes for the our girls.
Syamim's barbie cake.

2nd Hexy set

Due to so many things that delayed my Hexy game contribution.. I finally get myself kicking and now doing the marathon to catch up with the other oustanding turns... This is the 2nd batch of hexy set for Ms Mus.. Sorry dear for the delay...

I think it should be fast now... I can finish 'em all... No worries.. Next turn is for Akma, Naiz, Via & Shima. All fabrics ready for stitching up... GO HEXY!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Simple embroidered chiffon baju kurung

Made this baju kurung top for Ms Ana.. fabric type is chiffon..

With lil bit of beads on the neck..

Hope she likes it... sorry for the delay ya dayangg...

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