Thursday, 26 November 2009

Warm Pink Baby Quilt..

I made this baby quilt for girl... This time I change to a warm color tone.. yet still pink.. but warm pink... Ordered by my friend Rini.. for her sister-in-law.. Hmm.. Rini, how about your own new baby quilt?? Haha.. I dun think I can manage to make another one for you... cos our expectedd due date are about the same... haha.. I hv no baby quilt for my own too! *sob sob* (see how things goes.. )

I need one tooo....!

A pillow case and 2 bolster case...

Arr.. this pic is blurry... its taken at 4am... my eyes are nearly shut as well.. mind my lousy pic quality.. The Malays sayings "Asalkan ada..."


Rhonda said...

Hi Jurra, Rhonda here in Texas. I just finished a large Thanksgiving dinner with family all around and now I'm resting up for more eating....LOL
I love the little quilt that you've made. The soft colors are really pretty.
Take care.

mistyeiz said...

nice work! :) congrats on ur new baby...yvy here fr sydney tapi org malaysia. :) just popping by coz wanted to ask u some stuff abt fabrics. if you dont mind, tlg email ye? thanks!

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