Thursday, 27 November 2008

Biscuit bedspread

This is only the pillow case part of my bedsheet set (or they call it biscuit bedspread)... Soooo.. tedious.. But I hope I can have beautiful dream sleeping on it...hehehe
Wait till I finish this whole thing..

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Times Book Fair

I can't belive i bought all these 7 books!! I bought these books from the Warehouse bookfair by Times bookstore at 1st floor Asia City Complex. Hey.. friends out there in KK, don't miss the chance to grab good books with great discounts up to 70%. Go today..! Last day will be on the 7thDec2008...

Great bargain indeed! Books which is normally RM80++ costs only RM20!! Whoaahh... this is too much, man! I wanna get some more... can someone spare me some m0N3Y??

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Smocking in on

Hey.. I made my first smocking dress!!!
haahahhh... gotcha!
Actually I wanted to spend time to do this tedious job.. but due to very itsy bitsy time.. I only managed to make soooo little smocking embroidery. This is my 1st (2nd actually... but my 1st one is nicely folded inside my drawer...only 2 rows done..)
Arrgghh... please give me back my marathon mood to sew... I'm a bit lA2Y... lately..heehhe
Isn't this dress sweeett??

Yeahh.. this is my very own work.. I don't know how it will turn out to be.. Wish me luck!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Janome is the brand

I was selected to attend a 1 day course by Epal last October 08 and has been appointed as one of the sales agent for Janome sewing machine.

The course is mainly on the marketting plan and learn the know-how of some of Janome machine.
These are the 3 projects done during the course which uses the MyLock 744D & MC6500. Too bad we didn't had the chance to do a hands-on MC11000, as the machine was not at KK Centre at that time..

Some people may be confused that Janome is the sewing machine brand, Epal is the Creative Craft Learning Centre and Mostwell Sdn Bhd is company that run this biz. I really enjoyed being an EPAL member, cos its fun to do the free courses plus interesting projects.. and I can earn more from it..

So I am now an agent... (hehehe .. is that for real).. I sell sewing machines...

Upon completing the 1 day course, I received my certificate of attendance. My first cert from Mostwell Sdn Bhd. I'm very new to EPAL, I've been with EPAL since end of July, only 4 months.. but I learn quite a lot!.

And the most important thing is.... I get some $$$ ... This is my 2nd cheque.. I forgot to get a snapshot of my 1st cheque that reached RM500++. How do I get the $$ from?? Its all in the effort.. i received bonus commision my sales.. and some of it is only bonus from the stuff I bought from Epal. I don't loose a thing from every cents I spent at Epal, as I will have bonuses in return.

Wanna know more? You know where to find me..

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Beads & accessories

I made this crystal beads brooch myself.. I learnt it from EPAL.

Good thing about Epal Craft Learning Centre, not only sewing.. they have new project for next year which is Beads & Crystals. Want to join the fun with this new project?

There will be a roadshow held by Epal Kota Kinabalu -- Beads Festival (by Miyabi)
Date: 29th November 2008
Time: 10am
Venue: Pusat Kraftangan Epal, Wawasan Plaza, Kota Kinabalu
Entry Fee: FOC

Anyone interested please do Contact me..
I will spare you an invitation card for the event. For 50 earlybirds on that day (must present your invitation card), a free gift is waiting for you specially brought to you from Japan.

Want to know more about EPAL? Contact me here
YM: aruzamo or SKYPE: jurramo

Monday, 17 November 2008

Learning starts from ZERO

Look at my lil Maya... curious to see how this thing works... I gave her a chance to touch it while I was bz sewing my "bedsheet pieces" project. I took my machine in front of the tv, as I know I can never get things done if I wait till she asleep. I want to train her to get used to see me sewing & control her not to disturb my work.

Wow.. she has good sense of imitating my work...

HEHEHEH.. good job Maya!

Yeah.. she sits on my lap when I was sewing. Although its a bit distracting.. but I do enjoy doing it with her... Not all the time.. but at least she had the exposure..

Customized Diaper stacker

Finally the diaper stacker has completed.. Special order of a customed-made diaper stacker .. I hope your wish has come true as requested ... Lydia..
Full view of the diaper stacker

Close-up view of the head part.. Manually hand-machine embroidered, with an aplique technique to beautify the design. Hey.. this is my first time sewing felt applique for a cartoon character - Sponge Bob. Does it really look like Sponge Bob Square Pants? heheh...
With some touch of sequins to embellish it..
*sigh* .. what a relieve.. I did it!!

I also made zippers for the opening part of the diaper stacker... I wanted to make a crochet flower that holds the zipper handle.. but not enough time.. So I put the roses buds instead...
Nice or not??

Friday, 14 November 2008

Its a nursing cover

After a few guesses... no one has the real correct answer.. Its a Nursing Cover. My very first time sewing it. Thanks to Lydia who requested for it.

Front view
Back view. But it can be a reversible cover. Both side can be used.

A D-shape ring used to adjust the required tightness..

Tadaaaa... Mommy of the year awarded to Neneth! the model.. hehehe.. hiding her 't*t".... is that for real??

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Project of the month

Hahaha.. Spot the "missing" item in this patchwork clock... It only had my lucky number "3" on it.. Hahaha.. Yer rite..!
Is that an excuse for my laziness to do embroidery or beading on my handmade clock? To tell you the truth.. I have no patience in beadings.... I only managed to made number "3" using Japanese beads... and how about the rest?? err... let those people learn how to read the time with no numbers...
Next project for November -- Bedsheet! Again.. a touch of patchwork again.. but a different technique.. I'll show you how its done.. and how tedious it is to sew up 1,516 pieces of square blocks!! Wanna bet how long I can take to finish this.. Only God knows..!

This is a "Fireworks Patchwork Handbag". Another interesting patchwork design for handbags..

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Work in progress

To be completed... Guess what will this turn out to be?

Frilled skirt

I made this frilled skirt for my niece Amim.. she's 10 yrs old.. Guess who was "perasan" trying to wear this skirt... who else.. Maya was jealous to see this skirt and wanted to wear it .. I didn't get to take her pic.. The skirt was high above her chest.. but the frills had made her feel "I'm a princess !! " I hope I can get her pics from my niece..

Thank you Snazzy&Such

I received the giveaway gift from Snazzy&Such the other day, and I was the 1st winner. Wow.. lucky me.. Surprisingly the parcel was quite big.. Whats inside? I received a tote bag, a fat quarter flowery fabric, a few beads, buttons, a roll of pink ribbon & Australian Homespun magazine.. cool eh??

hah! THis one is not free... I bought it from Snazzy&Such too. Polyfil fiber.. Hmm.. what do I do with this next? You'll see..

This one is a slash cutter.. no plans to make anything out of it yet.. soon, next year I guess... there will be a project in Epal which use this cutter. Its cheaper than Epal. Thats why I bought 'em.. But come to think of it.. I'll missed my PV for this cutter... :(

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mandarin collar blouse in action

Phewweeet! Look at my niece Alin (right) with her school teacher, during their school annual dinner. The blouse I've made fits hers nicely.. **PHEW**...!
Wow.. my niece had grown up! She's only 15... but she's taller than her teacher..!
Good luck for your PMR Alin! I hope you passed with flying colours!

My sailboat was hijacked!

I was thinking of hanging my Sailboat patchwork wallhanging project.. but look who's hijacking it??

Pink Mary Jane booties with Laced flower

Still the same old pink Mary Jane baby booties for 5-8months.. only difference is the lace flower embelishment

Happy Birthday my sweetie pie!

Maya turns 2 yesterday, 9th November 2008.
May Allah bless you always..
I love you Maya.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Mandarin collar blouse

Made this "very-hard-to-do" Mandarin collar blouse for my niece Alin, she has yet to see it. Err.. why I'd say its hard to make?? Yep.. indeed hard for me.. I guess you readers out there who is expert in sewing adult clothing will have no problems.. I had hard time drawing the draft pattern, had to refer so many books & notes & magazine to get it rite. The collar.. eewww... it has to be exact size to fit the body part. Also, this pattern has "princess cut".. This is hard... :(
I admit my work is not that neat yet. Still needs more practice.. Arrgghh.. when can I make perfect clothings for adults..?

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Refference collection

I'm falling in love with RE (ribbon embroidery).. I wish I can concerntrate on has such fine art.. No machine can replace a truly handmade embroidery...

Got this book from Indonesia... Shiela bought 'em for me.. wow.. great book.. its so beautiful!
Also got the writer's autograph..Love the beautiful colors...

I also bought some pattern notes... from Azura . Very useful notes... its written in Malay. So, for international readers.. we hope she will come up with a translated version in future.

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