Thursday, 6 November 2008

Mandarin collar blouse

Made this "very-hard-to-do" Mandarin collar blouse for my niece Alin, she has yet to see it. Err.. why I'd say its hard to make?? Yep.. indeed hard for me.. I guess you readers out there who is expert in sewing adult clothing will have no problems.. I had hard time drawing the draft pattern, had to refer so many books & notes & magazine to get it rite. The collar.. eewww... it has to be exact size to fit the body part. Also, this pattern has "princess cut".. This is hard... :(
I admit my work is not that neat yet. Still needs more practice.. Arrgghh.. when can I make perfect clothings for adults..?


mama alicianorman said... cakap tak cantik...?...pada pandangan mata i dah cantik dah berani ambik risiko buat baju adult...i langsung tak berani..heheh nak lukis pattern pun terketar2 lagi ni....kalau boleh nak pattern yg dah siap dilukis...hahahah

LinN said...

waa!!! siap pn...hari 2 maksu buat xla cantik mcm ni...hahaha...lawa ba...tapi nnt mcm mana mo kasi hias diri?? hehehe~~~

Natrah Norlin said...

cantik saja dimataku..

Anonymous said...

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