Monday, 24 November 2008

Janome is the brand

I was selected to attend a 1 day course by Epal last October 08 and has been appointed as one of the sales agent for Janome sewing machine.

The course is mainly on the marketting plan and learn the know-how of some of Janome machine.
These are the 3 projects done during the course which uses the MyLock 744D & MC6500. Too bad we didn't had the chance to do a hands-on MC11000, as the machine was not at KK Centre at that time..

Some people may be confused that Janome is the sewing machine brand, Epal is the Creative Craft Learning Centre and Mostwell Sdn Bhd is company that run this biz. I really enjoyed being an EPAL member, cos its fun to do the free courses plus interesting projects.. and I can earn more from it..

So I am now an agent... (hehehe .. is that for real).. I sell sewing machines...

Upon completing the 1 day course, I received my certificate of attendance. My first cert from Mostwell Sdn Bhd. I'm very new to EPAL, I've been with EPAL since end of July, only 4 months.. but I learn quite a lot!.

And the most important thing is.... I get some $$$ ... This is my 2nd cheque.. I forgot to get a snapshot of my 1st cheque that reached RM500++. How do I get the $$ from?? Its all in the effort.. i received bonus commision my sales.. and some of it is only bonus from the stuff I bought from Epal. I don't loose a thing from every cents I spent at Epal, as I will have bonuses in return.

Wanna know more? You know where to find me..


Aku_tulip said...

tahniah jura....baru jadi ahli epal...tapi dah dapat $$$...rezeki tu..

Alviana said...

aiya.. teda ka epal d sdk. pa buli buat la ni..

neway, being the janome agent, good for u :)

Rhonda said...

Good for you! I recently purchased the Janome 11000 and I absolutely love it. I have made several embroidery pieces with it. Take care.

all of us said...

alamak sis..gigit jari kita baca n3 nih..
i pun ada machine Epal ni, tp model lama la...tu dok bawah katil.. !!
semangat dtg balik bila tgk hasil kerja u..leh tukar tak ngan Janome...hahaha

Jurra said...

errr.. rasanya boleh trade-in... Cuba p epal yg berdekatan.. kalau nak saya tolong.. email aje..

linda said...

lepas tgk blog cam dh mula tumbuh benih.bestnya!tambah best kalau dpt buat kat lil gal kita ni..belaja ni kat mana?area utara ada x?

Anonymous said...

jura..kalu nak beli mesin janome dr u,ada discount ka? hee..

Jurra said...

Kalau nak beli mesin dgn saya...sila hubungi saya melalui email: atau hp: 013-8517321. Boleh runding..

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