Tuesday, 31 March 2009

More of smocking dress

Green Smocking dress, very similar to the previous dress I made, as requested.
Sorry I missed out posting this pic, Dena.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Iron not for sale

I made my 3rd block last night.. and I just can't wait to iron it using my cute lil iron..!! See how tiny it is??

My completed 3rd block

See what I bought recently during an exhibition here at my office building.. Its an iron! Not ordinary iron.. Its tiny.. but it can iron any materials without getting it burnt!.. It was said to have some chip inside that can detect the right temperature for any fabric.. Even if you forgot leave the iron hot on your fabric.. it will never burn.. But yet.. no pressure needed.. just sprinkle a bit of water... It will smoothen your fabric.. just like ordinary iron..

THis is Noah's ark... heheh.. its a wooden iron... for kids..! NO LAH! This is.. i dunno what its called.. but its meant for holding (weights) your fabric from slipping off while ironing those slippery fabrics. It works best if you were ironing seams, or anything that difficult to hold while ironing.. Cool eh?? It is special made my a profesional carpenter.

See my irons.... Makes my life easier... Sorry not for sale... The tiny one.. they have no agent in Malaysia, as it is directly flown from Taiwan. But the wooden one... can be arranged if you want... The blue steam iron.. negotiable with 2nd hand price.. hahaha..

Local Open Market for Malaysian crafters

I met this new friend who has just started a new site on Open Market for handmakers,crafters and artists in Malaysia.

Anyone interested, please visit http://ngepen.com/
Want to know what is this ngepen are for?? Visit 'em to find out..

Let us support our local crafters and join for free! You can advertise your products there too.. I'm also there to support too..! You can be part of the community too.. Who knows you might find your opportunity you've been looking for... It is still new.. but it will grow..
Come join!
p/s: Haizam.. ini free promo ni.. :D

Friday, 27 March 2009

Ugly Hands

Ouch!! So silly of me playing around with SUPER GLUE!! (or we call it Gam Gajah). Wonder how did my hands turn out that bad. Very painful .. you know! What have I done??

Well.. I made this silly BOX!!
p/s: Jaja.. I need you!!!

I told my self last night.. I'm not going to make any box anymore!!!! "Susah la wehh..!"

Silly but pretty box isn't it?? Wah.. proud of myself of getting this big box done! A bit messy and not really nicely done.. but I don't care.. as long as it can fit my special gift for a couple who is getting married today.. I'm going to their wedding tonight..

See what I've made last night.. Of course a last minute work.. I never thought of any gift yet until yesterday, I got the idea of buying a pair of bathtowel & bedsheets... as a wedding gift..

The only thing that makes it special is the embroidery part "Selamat Pengantin Baru, Izz & Imah" which means Happy Wedding to Izz & Imah. Nice??

Good enough for me.. at least I got my experiencing ruining my hands too! Any way I can remove this stain from my hands?? Help!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Meet JajaKraf live in person

Who wants to see Jajakraf live in person??
Guess which one is Jaja... Jaja had made a surprise visit to our office.. not only just to meet me... for the 1st time.. but she went there with her hubby due to some errands -- office matters.. I was very surprised when she called me informing she was just outside the reception area..
Nice fella, as usual, we were just like good old friends.. even though we never met in person before.. but virtually we are friends!
Hope to see more of the sewing enthusiast bloggers..

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shirt for my man

I made this Malay Traditional costume shirt called "Baju Melayu Cekak Musang" during my part-time sewing courses at Pusat Giat Mara Penampang, for the past few weekends. My first adult shirt for men.. Previously I made for kids only.
I showed this to my dad too, with a big smile, he said "Wahh.. this year I don't have to spend RM80 for my new set of Baju Melayu for Raya then!" <--what is that suppose to mean?? hehehe.. more charity work ya..! I would love to sew it.. its the time thats beating me all the time.. We're supposed to learn to make the trousers for man to match this top, but the lesson will continue right after our next lesson which is "Baju Kurung". I can't wait to make baju kurung, kebaya, Batik Shirt for men, and skirts.... Finally, I get the chance to learn how to make attires for adults. Isn't that great.. ehmm... no orders yet yaa.. ahah.. I have no confidence for adults wear yet..!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sweet baby blue quilt set

I finally completed a baby gift set - A quilt, diaper stacker, a pillow case & 2 bolster case for my friend Rini, as a gift for her SIL.
Diaper stacker..

I hope she likes it.. and also the mummy & baby too.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A day in KL part II

I miss shopping... I want to do this kinda shopping again!! Yes.. it has to be "ladies only" ..
Here we are at SAKURA - SS19 Subang Jaya.

Smiling of course with my favourite stuff on the cashiers desk waiting to be punched in..

Hah.. I love these fat quarters too..

Additional Info of location:
Sakura -- SS19 Subang Jaya
Yee Button/Craft World -- SS2 Petaling Jaya

More that that, I'm not sure myself, might be good idea to ask those who are familiar with those area ya..!

And the best of all.. look at these two crazy ladies sitting on the floor flipping thru the japanese sewing books...

Too bad Tini was not in the pic.. cos she's the one taking pic.. But it was weird tho.. I had my own camera.. but I was too busy with all these stuff until I forgot to use my own camera!!! THAT SHOWS.. how crazy I am seeing all these stuff..

Theres more places we went.. but.. too crazy.. until we didnt take any photos... too bad.
But the memories remains.. I miss you guys Sheila & Tini.

Thanx Tini for these memorable pics..

Work in progress

What have I done lately....?? Hmm.. not much actually. I force myself to have a rest.. it has been quite tiring & stressfull lately.. My HBB embroidery courses, personal orders, "Giat MARA" course during weekends, EPAL projects, house chores, bla.. bla.. bla..... so many things pending... as I don't want to drag my procastination... Sometimes I feel I need time with my family.. But sewing is still my greatest passion..

As time goes by, I need to slow down a bit. Especially my lil girl has been in the "terrible twos" stage...arrrgghh.. really stressfull at times... She can't even sit down nicely within 30 seconds! That leaves me tiring days ahead!

No matter what.. sew must go on.. Really sorry to friends out there who are really waiting patiently for their stuffs.. Deeply apologise for such prolong delay...I'll start my gears up now...

This is my latest order in hand, looks easy.. but its not that easy.. you know.. I hope Rini can bear with my "take my time".. I'm supposed to make her a baby quilt for her newborn nephew, a pair of pillow case, a bolster case & a diaper stacker. Wow.. thats a lot of work..! Thats y I need more time..

Sorry picture is not that clear... heheh.. tired hands in the middle of the night.. taking pics. I need to sew up the borders.. and then I can complete the whole set ASAP. I'll show you soon..

Maya giveaway.. Not My lil Maya..its My virtual@maya fren Maya..

Oh no.. am I late for this giveaway? Just try my luck if I can win.. Visit her website at Maya's CrazyArtZone... for more info.. I really admire her creativity... Its just tooo real to be true.! Believe it or not.. her work is really CUTE!!!!!!!

She will draw lots at her 500th post! So bettter go fast.. Maya's CrazyArtZone...

Friday, 13 March 2009

A day in KL

Oh how I wish I had stayed in KL longer.. but what can I do.. I can't leave my baby behind too long.. (hehehe.. makes me homesick).. Before I share with you my main event at KL.. lemme show you what I have snatched with only short period...
My journey to KL was really fun! THanks to Shiela Nice2Craft & Tini Snazzy&Such who had devoted their precious time for me... a total stranger from Sabah. It was such a surprise though, we haven't even met before this.. first time! First date I might say...! Wow.. I was a bit nervous at first... but it turns out to be different from what I have expected. Believe it or not... we seems to be like just like good old friends!
I'll post up the picture of us later.. As for now.. I can't wait to share with you what I've got.. Sure is heaven..These are some of the stuff I bought from Sakura & Yee Button (Craft world).. Errr.. yess.. I do buy nonesense stuff.. wonder when can I use 'em.
Some fabrics I bought from there too... some metres, some quarters and some fat quarters... Only managed to buy very small quantity.. Wanted to get more.. greedy me..!AAnd not forgetting... Sue Bonnet fabric for quilt... Aren't they cute??
*SIGH* I just loved books! But this time I didnt get any English books.. turn out to be Japanese all! hah! Who cares, I love japanese books..

This is the only bookstore we had managed to set my foot on... Kinokuniya, KLCC.
FELTS... are my favourite too! I bought 'em from Daiso, the Curve.

What do I need this for???? Hah... who cares.. I love it cos its cute... I just cant resist stuff from Daiso... all RM5! Cute pegs isn't it??

Ahhh.. I forgot the fabric I bought from Ikea as well... hmm.. next time then...

A gift from an angel

I received a surprise parcel from an angel a few weeks back, a friend from a faraway land of Texas, a beautiful lady named Rhonda. I can't believe I received such a big gift from her.. I admit I can never buy such luxary fabrics .. although I bought a few online.. but of course i ran out of budget since then.. So I bought whichever I can afford to get here at my place.
I still cannot believe Rhonda would share some of her fabrics... Wow this is HEAVEN!!! I don't know how to repay you for your kindness Rhonda. God Bless you & thank you ...

Oppss.. the box was a bit squashed.. but still in one piece.

Wow.. look at how much this shipping costs.. :-O

Look at that curious lil hand!!! Oh no.. Maya is always busy body with new stuff... she'll say.. "Yay..!! Menan..!!" --> meaning "Yay! Toys!!!"

See all these fabrics!!! I have not got the time to rearrange the stash yet.. yeah.. I don't want my "assistant" to interfere with my precious fabrics!!
Rhonda has given me a pattern too.. and tips on sewing/cutting tricks.
Wow! I have a lot to learn now!.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I'm back!

Hi all!! Sorry for my absense.. Missed me already? I missed you all too! I've been away lately.. to KL... eheheh.. not for long.. I wish I can stay there longer... but my Maya really had missed me... I can't stand being apart from my lil girl.. This is my first time... Oooh.. I feel terrible to leave my baby behind! She was ok on the first day.. but the 2nd day.. she started calling my name looking for me, said hubby... When I called ... she keeps saying.. mama... mama..mama... Oh no.. I started to cry myself.. not her..
The worst thing, my hubby told me she refused to eat, milk and she started to keep quiet all by herself.. She didnt cry.. but she really showed that she misses her mom so much... I even brought her t-shirt with me.. to heal my homesick... I hope I don't have to leave her behind next time.. But what can I do.. I had to go on...
I'll update more soon.. gimme some time to get organised.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


I can't wait to sew those lil cute machine embroidery motifs.. I hv not purchase any designs yet.. since the price was a bit too much for me.. So I can only search for free designs on the net...

These cute ones was given by a friend, Kak D. Thanks for your kind thoughts of sharing some of your cute collections.

I also found this very interesting magazine about machine embroidery.. I was wondering how this magazine could give much of help.. But guess what.. it has links to those sites which offer really cute & free designs too! Saves me a lot!.. But tempted me to purchase their beautiful designs too... hmm...

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