Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Work in progress

What have I done lately....?? Hmm.. not much actually. I force myself to have a rest.. it has been quite tiring & stressfull lately.. My HBB embroidery courses, personal orders, "Giat MARA" course during weekends, EPAL projects, house chores, bla.. bla.. bla..... so many things pending... as I don't want to drag my procastination... Sometimes I feel I need time with my family.. But sewing is still my greatest passion..

As time goes by, I need to slow down a bit. Especially my lil girl has been in the "terrible twos" stage...arrrgghh.. really stressfull at times... She can't even sit down nicely within 30 seconds! That leaves me tiring days ahead!

No matter what.. sew must go on.. Really sorry to friends out there who are really waiting patiently for their stuffs.. Deeply apologise for such prolong delay...I'll start my gears up now...

This is my latest order in hand, looks easy.. but its not that easy.. you know.. I hope Rini can bear with my "take my time".. I'm supposed to make her a baby quilt for her newborn nephew, a pair of pillow case, a bolster case & a diaper stacker. Wow.. thats a lot of work..! Thats y I need more time..

Sorry picture is not that clear... heheh.. tired hands in the middle of the night.. taking pics. I need to sew up the borders.. and then I can complete the whole set ASAP. I'll show you soon..

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