Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shirt for my man

I made this Malay Traditional costume shirt called "Baju Melayu Cekak Musang" during my part-time sewing courses at Pusat Giat Mara Penampang, for the past few weekends. My first adult shirt for men.. Previously I made for kids only.
I showed this to my dad too, with a big smile, he said "Wahh.. this year I don't have to spend RM80 for my new set of Baju Melayu for Raya then!" <--what is that suppose to mean?? hehehe.. more charity work ya..! I would love to sew it.. its the time thats beating me all the time.. We're supposed to learn to make the trousers for man to match this top, but the lesson will continue right after our next lesson which is "Baju Kurung". I can't wait to make baju kurung, kebaya, Batik Shirt for men, and skirts.... Finally, I get the chance to learn how to make attires for adults. Isn't that great.. ehmm... no orders yet yaa.. ahah.. I have no confidence for adults wear yet..!


mama alicianorman said...

Zura..pattern tu i beli dekat etsy.com..cubalah kesana..macam pattern ada...manalah i pandai nak reka2 sendiri..heheh. beli pattern pastu buat sendiri...:)

jaja said...

uwaa..jeles o! aku jugak yg rugi nda tepigi tu kursus. best o jumpa kamu td :-P

si kurus said...

wah beshnye! xreti nk wat baju2 ni lg

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