Friday, 13 March 2009

A gift from an angel

I received a surprise parcel from an angel a few weeks back, a friend from a faraway land of Texas, a beautiful lady named Rhonda. I can't believe I received such a big gift from her.. I admit I can never buy such luxary fabrics .. although I bought a few online.. but of course i ran out of budget since then.. So I bought whichever I can afford to get here at my place.
I still cannot believe Rhonda would share some of her fabrics... Wow this is HEAVEN!!! I don't know how to repay you for your kindness Rhonda. God Bless you & thank you ...

Oppss.. the box was a bit squashed.. but still in one piece.

Wow.. look at how much this shipping costs.. :-O

Look at that curious lil hand!!! Oh no.. Maya is always busy body with new stuff... she'll say.. "Yay..!! Menan..!!" --> meaning "Yay! Toys!!!"

See all these fabrics!!! I have not got the time to rearrange the stash yet.. yeah.. I don't want my "assistant" to interfere with my precious fabrics!!
Rhonda has given me a pattern too.. and tips on sewing/cutting tricks.
Wow! I have a lot to learn now!.

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Maya said...

wah! i'm so jeles.. :P

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