Monday, 30 March 2009

Iron not for sale

I made my 3rd block last night.. and I just can't wait to iron it using my cute lil iron..!! See how tiny it is??

My completed 3rd block

See what I bought recently during an exhibition here at my office building.. Its an iron! Not ordinary iron.. Its tiny.. but it can iron any materials without getting it burnt!.. It was said to have some chip inside that can detect the right temperature for any fabric.. Even if you forgot leave the iron hot on your fabric.. it will never burn.. But yet.. no pressure needed.. just sprinkle a bit of water... It will smoothen your fabric.. just like ordinary iron..

THis is Noah's ark... heheh.. its a wooden iron... for kids..! NO LAH! This is.. i dunno what its called.. but its meant for holding (weights) your fabric from slipping off while ironing those slippery fabrics. It works best if you were ironing seams, or anything that difficult to hold while ironing.. Cool eh?? It is special made my a profesional carpenter.

See my irons.... Makes my life easier... Sorry not for sale... The tiny one.. they have no agent in Malaysia, as it is directly flown from Taiwan. But the wooden one... can be arranged if you want... The blue steam iron.. negotiable with 2nd hand price.. hahaha..


Maya said...

aiyyoo.. cutenya iron kecik tu..
apesal tak beli banyak? buleh jual kat i satu.. jaja & lian pun nak tu..

haha.. kidding.. tapi betul kalau u ade lebih, jual kat i satu yer..

Sheila Wahid said...

Jurra... aku nak jugak...

Jurra said...

Maya & Shiela.. iron kayu ker iron comel dari taiwan tu??

Kalau yg iron pemberat kayu tu.. boleh tempah..RM15 aje.

Yg iron besi cenonet tu..tak dpt la nak beli byk .. RM150 tu satuu! Tak tau lah kalau dealer dia ada jual lagi ker tak.. Saya ada card. dia.. Sapa nak order?? Saya boleh tolong tanyakan. Tapi benda tu takde warranty tau.. Tapi result dia besssst.. tak risau baju hangus.. tatau la brp lama jangkahayatnya..

jaja said...

alala..cumilnya!! betul cakap maya, sy punn mau :-P ada jual lg ka tu? rm150???

LyDia DeLia said...

RM150 zura??? lagi mahal dari yang besar ye??tapi comel nye!!!!

Jijah said...

comeinya iron!

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