Friday, 27 March 2009

Ugly Hands

Ouch!! So silly of me playing around with SUPER GLUE!! (or we call it Gam Gajah). Wonder how did my hands turn out that bad. Very painful .. you know! What have I done??

Well.. I made this silly BOX!!
p/s: Jaja.. I need you!!!

I told my self last night.. I'm not going to make any box anymore!!!! "Susah la wehh..!"

Silly but pretty box isn't it?? Wah.. proud of myself of getting this big box done! A bit messy and not really nicely done.. but I don't care.. as long as it can fit my special gift for a couple who is getting married today.. I'm going to their wedding tonight..

See what I've made last night.. Of course a last minute work.. I never thought of any gift yet until yesterday, I got the idea of buying a pair of bathtowel & bedsheets... as a wedding gift..

The only thing that makes it special is the embroidery part "Selamat Pengantin Baru, Izz & Imah" which means Happy Wedding to Izz & Imah. Nice??

Good enough for me.. at least I got my experiencing ruining my hands too! Any way I can remove this stain from my hands?? Help!!


jaja said...

muhahaha... dui.. cian tangan c jurra. tp cantik o kotak tu bila suda siap. nah, berbaloi jugak kan? :-P lawa la tu towel.. yala kan, org tu ada misin sulam suda, tinggal picit suis lg. lain la mcm sy beli towel gitu berapa punya mahal!

Aneesah said...

Ouch! If those are super glue stains... I heard acetone would work. Acetone ni, setahu saya, is nail polish remover. Probably kat pharmacy or beauty supplies shop ader.

I've never used it before lah, dulu2 kalau jari terkena gam gajah I'll just kikis with that kitchen scourer. Haha. And lama2 hilang jugak, the glue will peel off... Tapi takdelah kena gam sebanyak tu kat jari. =\

(Love the box!)

maklang said...

the box cantek and the sulam makes me want to buy the machine more...cepat2laaa Oktober!

Alviana said...

the embroidered towel, such a lovely gift for the newly wed couple :)
cute box. too bad it ruining ur hand hehe.. but it's totally worth it bah. very cute box. :)

si kurus said...

wah! cantik nye!! hmm skin pon ngh pk2 nk cube wat kotak xtau nk stat cmne hehe.. kalo nk finish tuh bg die glossy2 ltk gam pe ek seswai? hee

Sharifah said...

sweet box zurra... cian nyer tangan u..
cepat2 cari ubat tau

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