Friday, 16 July 2010

Wake up.. wake up!

Whoahh!!! It has been so long since my last update.. I miss blogging a lot... but I miss my bed twice as much more..hehe.. yeah... things was getting unorganised nowadays... or does that mean I'm l@2y? Hmmm.. maybe a bit.. but "tired" is more like it... with work... house chores, and now 2 "demanding for my attention"princess and of course not forgetting my DH too.

Time flies so fast.. in fact I wasted most of it away from my sewing machine.. I do feel guilty for that.. But nothing compares to my precious 2 princess.. they are more important to me besides sewing...

Well... I must get myself going now.. Soon will be many things to do .. sew little time..

For a start, I finally dig out my sewing machine from the cabinet.. it has been there since March. hehe... And TADA... my first homework...

Its a readymade apron... a friend of mine asked me to embroider on it.. as a gift for her babysitter Jennifer.. who takes good care of Eva, her 1yr old daughter.. Hope the nanny likes it..

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