Friday, 6 May 2011

More of creative sewings - Patchwork & Applique

Here are some of the creative sewing which I really adore and dream of making... I hope it inspires you as well.. Just to share with you how sewing can decorate your life.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Silence Speaks a thousand words...

Hi there friends... long time no news.. I've been away lately.. bz with my family... Both kids are not well lately.. so I had to shift my attention to my precious ones for a while...But my sew must go on... maybe will continue back again after attending a 4-days-3-nights seminar with Epal Craft Centre at The Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya recently... I have soooooo many things to share with you... Just hold on tight.. I only have little time to update my blog.. so please bear with me..

Class for making Blouse
 Scallop Cushion cover
 Picture taken with the tutor for scallop cushion cover class.
 Dinner bag... opps... I didnt make this... only for demo..

 Tekat Emas course A.K.A The Traditional Malay Golden Thread Embroidery for wedding items. Picture taken with the tutor & my best friend Sheila from Puchong.

 Hono Handbag -- pic taken with the tutor from Taiwan.
 Group photo taken together with the Epal KK(Sabah) VIP Members.
Last but not least... a special photo taken with the founder of Epal Malaysia - Madam Fully Chye, Chairman of Epal Craft Centre. She is a very nice lady... even though she's the chairman... she taught us one-to-one, whenever she visit each class at each session.... 

Thank you Madam Fully! We truly enjoy the 4-days3-night convention...I never regret attending it. Although I come so far for that event, I even left my children as well for the sake of my hobby... people might say I'm crazy... yes I am crazy when it comes to sewing! Again Thank You for everything. You made my sewing life easier...

I must show you the beauty of sewing in my next post.... 
Till then... tata for now..

.... to be continued

Friday, 25 February 2011

Yadda yadda... collections again

My Maya & Marsya

A gift for baby fullmoon A.K.A "Majlis Timbang Buai & Akikah" for baby Qisha & Zayyad.

Door gifts for company annual dinner party..

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Backpack for your lil ones

I have tried out this cute lil backpack tutorial ... its really great. I really love it...

I made this just for the sake of participating in a sewing competition held by Epal Craft Centre, Malaysia, recently --- theme "Back To School - Hello Kitty".., any kind of bag are accepted.. as long as it meets the theme..

All participants must buy the kit provided which consist of 1m Hello Kitty fabric, batting & a name tag sticker... thats all...

So.. tada.. this is my bag. Thanks to the tutorial from That Crafty mrs V... Really saved a lot of time... especially when I always do things last minute... I managed to finish it in 1 day...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

For your eyes only

To all my loyal viewers, deeply apologize for the long silence... Too busy with my lil 9 months old baby... Still breastfeeding.. Thank God I survived on breastfeeding until today...

But I still do a lil bit of sewing & embroidery... Only when there's an urgent "cannot-say-no" orders.. I do admit, I had to go very slow at some orders... or might have put aside some... I'm so so sorry for my delay...

When I come to think back... what is money compare to the baby who needs you by their side... But no worries my friends... I'm doing the best I can to cope with your delayed order(s) ya...

Give me some time...

Anyway, just to share with you some old pics which I didn't manage to upload since Dec 2010.

Enjoy the pics & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

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