Thursday, 13 November 2008

Project of the month

Hahaha.. Spot the "missing" item in this patchwork clock... It only had my lucky number "3" on it.. Hahaha.. Yer rite..!
Is that an excuse for my laziness to do embroidery or beading on my handmade clock? To tell you the truth.. I have no patience in beadings.... I only managed to made number "3" using Japanese beads... and how about the rest?? err... let those people learn how to read the time with no numbers...
Next project for November -- Bedsheet! Again.. a touch of patchwork again.. but a different technique.. I'll show you how its done.. and how tedious it is to sew up 1,516 pieces of square blocks!! Wanna bet how long I can take to finish this.. Only God knows..!

This is a "Fireworks Patchwork Handbag". Another interesting patchwork design for handbags..


Natrah Norlin said...

patchwork ni quilt eh kak..gunting kecik2 n sambung2 eh..tampal lak atas kain lain...banyak keje nye nih..tapi seronok gak buat nih..meleleh air liur...leka...

Jurra said...

Patchwork ni teknik menjahit utk menyambung kepingan kain yg berbagai jenis atau warna menjadi corak.

Quilt ni org kita panggil gebar atau selimut, dimana ada teknik patchwork juga di gunakan untuk membentuk corak kain selimut tadi. Quilt ini biasanya gabungan 2-3 lapisan kain dengan isi kapas (atau macam isi comforter tu) in between kain tadi..

hmm. betul ke explaination ni..

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