Monday, 9 November 2009

2nd Hexy set

Due to so many things that delayed my Hexy game contribution.. I finally get myself kicking and now doing the marathon to catch up with the other oustanding turns... This is the 2nd batch of hexy set for Ms Mus.. Sorry dear for the delay...

I think it should be fast now... I can finish 'em all... No worries.. Next turn is for Akma, Naiz, Via & Shima. All fabrics ready for stitching up... GO HEXY!


Mrs. Fedex said...

muahahaha.. mus punya kah?
wah.. wah.. niceeeee..
i likeeeeeeee..
mus setia menanti.. ekekeke..

Jurra said...

hehehe.. sapa lagi...
harap mus suka..

Mrs. Fedex said...

jurra.. mus dah terima hexy..
suka sgt..
by the way, blh kita exchange link?
biaor berlambak kwn seminat di sebelah.. ekekeke.. nice knowing u..

Jurra said...

Mus.. jom aa kita exchange link.. saya dah letak dah link mus kat blog.. follow lagi.. errmm.. apa lagi tertinggal.. Banner ade tak?

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