Monday, 9 November 2009

November babies

We celebrated 2 birthdays in the month of November.. two cousins.. Syamim & Maya. Just us the siblings & nieces & nephews.... at nenek-mama's house.

Since Syamim is a very big fan of Harry Potter... I made her a customized embroidery Harry Potter glasses pattern on a tshirt.

Another cute girls design on towel
( a design by

The cuzs with gifts..

Maya was so excited with her Hello Kitty cake. Thanks to my darling sister who sponsored the cakes for the our girls.
Syamim's barbie cake.


Sindut said...

Nice pressies :]
Where to get those cakes? They look simply adorable!

Jurra said...

the cake was ordered from my sister's cousin-in-law.

if you wanna order... i can ask my sis.. Last time we ordered cheeze cake.. whoooahh.. drooling oredi me.

this cake is only normal choc cake(hello kitty) & butter (barbie)... and also mix with ice cream.. yummy.

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