Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Doctor Bag

I love this bag...I just love it.. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the sample at Epal.

This is an extra project I made and learned from Epal Centre. If you are an Epal VIP Member, you should receive a newsletter from Epal for December 2009, about this bag.. and they are selling various types of bag handles including the inner iron support handle (for the opening of the bag)

Side view
( the ends of the zippers are neatly wrapped and hand-sewn in a button shape plastic holder)
sorry I didnt manage to take the picture of the inner stuff.
I never knew there are so many things used to make a bag that I never seen before..

This is the opening of the bag... very wide.. I like it... The openings are supported by a hidden metal handle , also hand-sewn into it... hardly noticeable right?

The best of all... I've gone thru the challenge of sewing this bag.. looks easy... but if you got the technique wrong... only God knows if you have such great patience..

Last but not least, the leather handle are also hand-sewn... to attach to the body. No worries.. it is strong enough to support your load... cos I used the strong thread for sewing shoes.. That should hold up the strap firmly..

This bag is not for sale or order for this moment... maybe next year...! I would turn it into a diaper bag... or mommies bag...

FYI, I'm the first who made this Doctor Bag here in Epal KK Centre... wow... not sure why no body wants to buy the Kit.. In my opinion, although it is quite pricey.. but the the technique is very unique.. and you can learn a lot from it... Even my hubby can't believe I've made this bag!!! He finally HOLD it.. OPEN it... PEEK inside it... OBSERVE my workmanship ...and was quite impressed with my work.. "THIS IS GOOD WORK" he said. I never heard him complimenting my work all this while.. hehe.. He made my day today~


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Beautiful bag it took me a while to realise that you actually made it!
Give yourself a pat on the back because that is one great bag, beautiful craftmanship.

cppmerah said...

U r such a talent! FYI, I've been a silent follower of your blog. U gave so much inspiration for me to learn more about sewing. That's why I am now considering buying one of Janome machine in order to get the opportunity to learn at Epal centre. I've been contacting Sheila thru emails (I believe she is your biz partner here in KL) asking a lot of questions abt the machines and Epal particularly... Everyday I'm looking forward to go home and look for your update... Memang best sgt! Sehari tak tgk rasa macam tak complete... But seriously... u r great in sewing.. By the way, out of my curiosity, how many sewing machines do u have? U did quite a lot of embroidery work and I'm sure u have that machine too! Last but not least, keep up the good work!

d u r a said...

That is a gorgeous bag!
I always adore anyone that can sew something so beautifully.

maklang said...

nanti hadiah satu kat akak tau..he..he..malas nak pi belajarlaa...

zarina said...

I'm more interested in the newsprint fabric. Is it cotton? Can I get the yardage?

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