Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hexy #8

Completed my Hexy #8 for kak Dee, with theme of red & yellow.
Another 2 sets for her as well, the last 2 sets will be black & yellow. Hope to get it done by this week..

Phew.. I sure did a marathon.. I managed to cope up with all 10 sets within 2 months!
Wow what a challenging achievement indeed.
I started my 2nd hexy set only in November, and now I'm finishing my last 2 sets in Mid Dec.
(pat my own shoulders)

I really like this art of hand sewn method... at least I didnt get to waste my time, I can sit anywhere, any free minutes... to do this hexy.. even in the car...( of course when I'm not driving).
Time is so precious now.. since my big belly really giving hard time sitting with my Janome.

Sorry for all my friends out there who is still waiting for their orders.. Sorrryyy if i dragged it too long.. I might have to cancel orders, or put on hold until after confinement.. But I will try my best to make as much as I can by end of Dec 2009.

After new year 2010, it will be a new year for me.. I will be concerntrating with my own health, my own newborn preparation..(arrghh.. I hv not made any for my coming bb yet.. boo hoo hoo).. and a new life will begin..

Sorry to dissapoint some of you readers... well, I'm doing my best..
Wish me luck!

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