Thursday, 7 May 2009

Maya & Aishah

Two beautiful names for two precious pumpkins... Maya & Aishah
My Maya & Neneth's Aishah...
Neneth and I went for grocery shopping one day when we saw some cheap children wear on sale...we thought of buying our daughter a same piece.. until we found this white long-sleeved t-shirt with butterfly applique on it. This t-shirt sure is adorable!

So I embroidered their names on it....
For Aishah

For Maya Zahirah

Do you know that a fabric pen has its eraser?? Maybe some of you might not know.. I don't know about it either in the first place.. I bought it long time ago.. but I forgot to test it out...

See the lines I that I've drawn on the fabric as a marker line.. It can easily wiped off in no time.
There are 2 types of pen - air erasable & water erasable..
If you're using air erasable, you don't have to clean it, it will dissapear in a few minutes. But sometimes it won't come off that instant... So it is useful to have this pen eraser, for instant cleanup.
And as for water erasable pen, you can only clean it off by washing.. So, if you are sewing stuff for your friend or customer, you wont have to worry about your ugly temporary markings any more.. Just erase it... TADA! off it goes...


Jess said...

Thanks for sharing the tip! Will try it out!

One more thing, pls let me know what type of embroidery machine you are using now? Brand name?...cos i wish to invest one if it is within my budget!


jaja said...

itu sulam ba yg mahal tau, ndada kena jual d kedai tu! :-P

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