Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Damages done

Do you know that ironing is a good excercise?? And you should never let your kitten iron your precious garments yaa??? or.. ..? THis is what will happen.... when damages done... cry me a river!!!!!!!!

Its not mine actually... it belongs to a friend of mine name Tweety Tandhoori Sanggam.. who was too lazy to iron her own clothes... and asked her kitty cat to iron her precious Churidhar dress.... see... I told ya.. never to trust a cat Tweety Bird!!

Luckily the damaged part was only the pants. There was only 2-3 spots of cracks on the fabric. I was supposed to hand sew it, but the fabric was too fragile, I was a bit worried it will get worst if not handle carfully. Finally, my problem solved.. my Janome MC350 saves my life.
So i was thinking of putting an iron on fusible fabric on the inside to secure the fabric from breaking off.

FInally ... Tada!!!!!! This is how it looks like after the "cover-up". Luckily I have flower designs which is quite similar to the embroidered top design.

So.. the plain colored pants has extra designs now..

Holes & cracks covered.

Seemless cracks... beauty of embroidery...

*Phew* ...!
I saved the pants for this Churidhar...!
P/S: Tweety... put it on and take a pic ya!


jaja said...

mimang kreatif! oya, sy pun ada seluar gitu, tp koyak kena paku, bulih juga ka tu? :-P

Jurra said...

hehehe.. buli tampal gambar winnie the pooh ka tempat koyak tu??haha..

ka ko mo aku sulam situ.. "Kuyak bah" haha..kreatip tu

Sindut said...

Excellent work!

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