Friday, 16 January 2009

Whats next?

I have soo many things in mind.. feel like doing all.. but *sigh*.. sew much things.. sew little time!! For EPAL project, had to put aside some.. only did as much as I can.. if I could I wish I can do ALL 24 projects.. Next in hand is this ABC wall hanging.. I was thinking .. I want to make this into a quilt for my lil Maya.. but..I wanted to hang this on the wall too.. just right next to Maya's bed.. I know she would love to read the A-B-C.. She can sing the whole ABC song now.. she pronounced it a bit clearer now... Hmm.. see how things going. I'll decide later..

I miss my knitting toooooo!! Long time I didnt buy this magazine again.. I wonder what happen to my booking orders at Penguins Bookstore.. They didn't call me anymore for the latest issue of SIMPLY KNITTING which I've booked. I guess they have shipping problem or they don't order it anymore.. Hah.. well.. I have other alternatives... Got this from Signature..

I got the Simply Knitting diary 2009! Cute... (sayang lah... nak conteng)

This is cute... Huaaawww... :(( I wonder when can I spare my time knitting now... I've promised 1 cardi for Danish & 1 for Alicia ... I guess they have grown much bigger now..

I must get their new measurement now... Sorry my friends.. I must finish up my sewing fast.. then I can spare some time knitting..

Whoaaahhh!!! I like this one..!! Can I or can I not??

Now I love this book by Amy Butler..! I thought this would be a small paperbag book... I can't belive it is actually hardcover! And with pattern inside too!

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Reyna said...

Hi, I was searching for yarn information and i came accross your blog. Really interesting as I am also a knit and crochet addict! I hope you start knitting again soon. :)

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