Thursday, 29 January 2009

Book of the day..

I went for window shopping last weekend at 1 Borneo with my cuz & maya.. and found a new bookstore recently opened - Harris. Luckily I'm a Popular Bookstore member... Harris is also in Popular's family... So I get 10% discounts of any purchase. My itchy hands just cannot resist by not grabbing at least something.. THis is MUST HAVE thing ... a sewing book...!

This is a new book published in 2008 WOW!!! thats new! Its also cheap.. errr.. well.. this is the cheapest sewing book on the shelf - RM 47.90 if i'm not mistaken...

Why I like this book so much is because.. its not only focus on dressmaking.. it also featured the sewing machine technique & know-hows.. and of course.. my JANOME has these features as well... Isn't that great! All sorts of new & advanced creative technique as well..

And also my serging machine.. MyLock 744D... wow.. this is a good "bible"

All sorts of applique..

All sorts of fashion style.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda... How I wish I can tell you the whole story... Time is precious.. I'm hungry now.. tata!@


LyDia DeLia said...

amboi again..hahaha..lepas ni kena beli shelf besar skit for books collections..hahahaha..

Azie said...

a gud investment... !!

Alviana said...

u know what. i have that book too. Love it so much. full with illustration and great tips. :)

Ummi Alia said...

jurra kat mana nak dapat buku jahitan ni kalau area ipoh

da cara wat dress tak kat dalam tu

Jurra said...

Ummi Alia, saya tak pasti kalau kat Ipoh ada bookstore Harris atau Popular, saya beli buku tu kat Harris 1 Borneo KK. Kalau tak silap saya, masih ada 1 stok lagi. Kalau awak nak saya boleh tolong beli kan.. Itu pun kalau takde org KK baca komen ni & serta merta pi beli lah..

Harga dalam RM60++ kalau tak silap. Email saya kalau nak saya boleh tolong... tapi kene kirim fulus lah.. pokai da nie..

Sumber yang lain.. boleh cuba cari online -

Ummi Alia said...

kat popular eh..saya p survey dulu.kalau xjumpa leh la saya minta tolong jurra eh.tq

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