Monday, 8 June 2009

One sick ..two sick ..3 sick rock

Arrggh.. hate it when my tonsils swollen & terrible cof-cof ... Same goes to my lil Maya who is on & off fever-cough-flu.. everyone is sick lately.. Hope it'll go off soon.. I need rest which I can never get .. *sigh* Luckily Maya loves taking her medicine..
I had sorethroat too... my voice turns very deep husky & sexy voice..har..har..har..
You should hear me sing..


Natrah Norlin said...

sian kat akak n anak eh..semoga cepat sembuh

Alviana said...

It's a sick season now.. bcoz of the very unstable weather.
Hope u get well soon.
Cina maya...

I' passing u an award. Pick it up from my blog when u have time k. Hope it will entertain u a bit :)

ainiayu said...

poor lil maya & her momma.i hope it will turn better soon.

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