Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sew quiet

Hi there! I've been sew very the very quiet lately.. Why? Cos I lost my voice! I have been sick nearly the whole month... my flu & cough passing over to Maya .. and passing it back to me.. Until my voice are gone...Yeah.. believe it or not.. my voice still rocks!

Maya has also on and off going to school. Poor Maya, she lost some weight due to her heavy flu & cough.

This is Maya in her new pair of her school sports attires. She was excited to wear it for the first time, I guess she feels like she's in the 'crowd'...

BUT... ahaaaa!!!! Only excited for a little while.. now she gets hold of her blankie & soft pillow. Yeah.. she will bring all these to school. Even the huge cushion pillow .. ! She will definitely grab any items she saw before she leaves the house..

Nah.. nah.. she is starting to get worried... "Pigi tempat nenekmama saja, tamau skola" (means, I want to go to granny's place, I don't want to go to school).
Hmm...what can I say, I have no choice but to send her to school.. She'll get over it.. although she cried a bit when sending her... after that, she's ok..

A bit tiring nowadays.. my laundry seems to increase everyday eversince Maya start school. She was trained not to wear diapers now, so, her spare pants & towels will definitely get wet .. AND i had to even wash her bag. Too bad her bag I made was not waterproof, so it can get dirty or wet easily..
Luckily I had extra bag for her.. hmm.. what the heck I buy a white bag for... easy to get it dirty.. Well.. I just like it.. plain white.. at least I can put her name on it..


a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

maya looks so cute in her uniforms..

maklang said...

cepat2 sihat zura..

akak doakan...

Anonymous said...

kao semput ya? Moga2 cepat baik.

-jija xmatriks 1.5

mangosteenskin said...

mango mencari link blog ni senang saja, taip sew cute dlm search engine trus jumpa! suda taruh gambar stamp dlm FB...tinggal tunggu mau pasang mounting.

alamak...cutenya c maya! rambut dia...i like! macam katun jipun.

get well soon!

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