Monday, 29 June 2009

Finally completed

I finally completed my part-time 3 months dressmaking course held by Pusat Giat Mara, Penampang. With a very short period, we covered 7 modules: -

(1) Baju Melayu Cekak Musang,
(2) Men's Slacks,
(3) Modern Baju Kurung,
(4)Kebaya asli,
(5)Batik Men's shirt, and
(6) & (7) 2 types of womens skirt.

This is my Kebaya.. wow.. how come its so petite & not XXXL size?

haha.. dont get fooled by the mannequine.. the dress is MY size.. only by the help of pins that makes it slimmmmmmmmmm...

(sorry about the photo quality.. I just found out the camera lenses has Maya's fingerprints on it...)

This is the skirt... arrghh.. how on earth did I take this photo.. can't really see how it looks like exactly... I'll take the photo again when we get this back...

This is my old post.. the Baju Kurung Modern
And the skirt..

This is my man's batik shirt... Cool.. 1st time makin men's shirt.. not so bad..

Hah! This is the hardest one! Men's slack... If my hubby asked me to make one for him again.. I'd rather buy..

It has sooo many itsy bitsy parts .. pockets, waist bands, fly.. arrrrghhh... why do men need all this thing??

A baju Melayu Cekak Musang... this also needs a lot of patience & tidyness..

And.. lastly.. this is not in the module, but since I have spare time after I finished up my modules, I helped out the full-time students there to sew a nurse's uniform. Although I didn't manage to draft pattern & cut material.. at least I get the chance to sew the tops.

I will try one some day..


naiz said...

wahh..besnye jura... bertambah ilmu mu. tahniah. jeles tau...naiz tak pandai buat uniform nurse tu.

mcellen said...

Wah Jur..buli la nie contract buat baju CSD hehehe...terror suda skills ko nie..

maklang said...

tahniah Zura...:)

akak nak gak belajar kalau ada kesempatan..

Chiu Lee said...

wow..every time u improve ur sew skill o..wonder how u manage 2 learn those while bz work & do wife duty..
kept up d gud work!

Azie said...

jurra, giat mara provide part time courses ker? tadi i call branch shah alam, depa kata they provide 6 mths full time course jer.. any idea weder do they hv similar course in shah alam/klang/or pj?

Jurra said...

Hi All, thx.

Azie, pusat giat mara hanya tawarkan fulltime course sahaja. Tetapi kalau u ada group, let say 15 person from a society or agencies, u can write-in to request for such course. But it is all based on the tutor's availability, cos dorang pun bz sgt2.

Kami haritu, kawan organise, dia memohon camna ntah.. tapi kena kumpul a group of interested parties who will be able to commit.

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