Monday, 17 March 2008

Digging my files

I'm digging out my old files on my knitting projects..I finally missed knitting so much you know.. and I plan to start it back again. People say, when you stop doing it, you may forget what you learnt.
I started to learn the basic knitting way back in 2006, when I was pregnant at that time. Never thought of doing this "Matsalleh" needlework... but I have dreamt of learning it all my life, ever since I was in primary school. I've only learnt crochetting at primary Six (12years old), and I always wanted to learn knitting using the 2 straight needles.. Since that, I have a strong desire to learn the art someday... Until, I met Hannah.. my ex-collegue.
I didn't knew Hannah can knit, as I was just chit chatting with her about some needleworks, and she mentioned she made some sweaters when she was abroad... WOW! My dreams really came thru...
Without waiting.. I forced her to teach me how to knit, cos I looked around the internet to see stuffs on how to Knit, it was such a frustration. Its not easy to learn thru pictures & texts. I need a sifu and finally found one.
We quickly went to the shop to buy a pair of 4.5mm bamboo needles and a ball of cheap acrylic yarn, just to test out a few stiches.
Alas! I learnt how to KNIT & PURL!
Its not that hard anyway...

This is my first sentimental-value-work-of-the-art!

A Baby Blanket for my baby Maya.. and a pair of booties.

(the baby legs was modelled by Alisha Mehrnaz - Jirra's cute lil one)

The 3 bunch of crazy knitters in Sabah. I managed to influenced Neneth to knit! She was reluctant to learn it at first.. but after a while.. hahahah... terpengaruh suda..

Hannah showing off her scarf that she knitted especially for her special friend Elson, and neneth with a sweater for her son Hakim..

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