Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cool Zebra Mummy

My friend Ziera ordered this 2 maternity blouse (Cool Zebra & Brown Cotton maternity blouse) for herself.
Another cooling blouse made from see-thru material.

Err.. I dunno what they call this material..

But it sure gives me headache sewing it...

Very very hard to sew.. cos it's slippery..

Thank God I've made it...
Front view, kimono over-lap style at the top part, with black lace decorating the chest.

Black satin ribbon tied at the back

A bit of "kedut" at the cuffs to add a bit of style to show off your nice bracelet.

(err... my bracelet hidden)

Blouse was made with a seperate camisole.

Old style camisole


strictpollyanna said...

*berikan tepukan gemuruh*

FloDawn said...

wah jurra... graduate sdh ko ahh hehe... buleh buka butik sdh nie :)

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