Tuesday, 18 March 2008


This is one small project I did last year, supposed to make 6 pieces of these placemat, but too lazy to make some more.. One is enuf lah.. ;))

( Bring the ocean to your dining or patio table! )

Finished size: about 18 inches wide by about 13 inches high
Materials: Worsted weight yarn, about 30 yds each of 4 colors, or about 120 yds of any color. 1 pr. US # 10 needles
Gauge: 4 sts and 5 rows = 1 inch

Note: We changed colors every 8 rows, except for the beginning and end colors which included the cast on and knit rows and bound off rows in the same color.Cast on 78 sts. K across for 2 rows.
Pattern :

Row 1: Keeping 3 sts at beg and end of row in knit st, work as follows:K 3, K 2 tog, 4 times, *then Y O K 1 , 8 times , K 2 tog 8 times* repeat between *'s across row to last 11 sts, K 2 tog 4 times, K 3.

Row 2 and 4: Purl across.

Row 3: Knit across.Repeat these 4 rows of pattern , keeping the 3 sts on each side in knit st every row, until about 12 ½ or 13 inches long. (measure along side edge of placemat), ending on a purl row. K 1 row, then knit 2 more rows.

Bind off in knit st.
Weave in yarn ends to back side of mat.

Dampen placemat and lay flat on a waterproof surface . With hands, smooth out sideways to even sts, and to a measurement of about 18 inches wide. (measure at both top and bottom of mat). Smooth up and down on mat to measure about 13 inches or so.The finished size is not too critical, but if you make more than one, be sure to smooth all others out to same finished size. Allow to dry thoroughly.

* You can make these in Holiday colors to dress up the table too!

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