Friday, 29 August 2008

I want this!

I bought my favourite Simply Knitting magazine recently and found a very very very CUTE cardigan! Arrghh.. I'm so crazy I want to make this.. but for who..? My girl? Neahh... too hot in Malaysia.. I wish I can go for holidays that need to wear sweaters!.. boo.. hoo..hoo..

See this cardie... isn't that beautiful????
I want to make.. but for who?
In fact.. very limited yarn in KK. I don't think I can find this sweet green color yarn..
Anybody want me to knit this cardie??
(I wonder who will respond)


shysta said...

Hi, i've been looking for cardigans for my 4 mth old baby girl. But no one wants to knit one for me! =(

Do you sell knitted cardigans? And do you ship to singapore?

Jurra said...

Hi Shyta.. I would love to knit one for you.. But you would be the 2nd in line for now.. Maybe after Raya Aidilfitri I can do my knitting project..

Would that be ok?

Yes I do sell knitted cardigan.. And I can ship to Singapore as well.

Thanks for your baby baju kurung order.. Will send it by next week.

zarina said...

I can point to you where you can buy hand dyed yarns - at Etsy. here are some of my favourite sellers, they have beautiful colorways: YarnOrATale, purewool, WildFireFibres.

I too loving knitting - so I'm making scarves and stoles which will be useful for evenings, at the beach, well you get what I'm saying

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