Monday, 25 August 2008

Epal Workshop - Magic Kit (Bengkel Asas Tapak)

Yesterday I attended a workshop held by EPAL. The workshop was done once a month (I guess) to teach the EPAL students to learn the basics of how to use the multi-presser foot.

Very good workshop although we do not have enough time to complete our task..
So we had to complete our homework at home within 2 weeks before submitting up the sewing patterns to obtain the certificate.

This is my sewing machine, we have to bring our own machine to the workshop.
The kit (left packet)
The Magic Kit (bottom right) - every Janome Harmony 2049 comes free with this presser foot kit. At this workshop it teaches us on the function of each presser foot and how to use it.

Tutor Idah, showing the participants one of the presser foot.


I'm proud of my EPAL!

My first gold yarn embroidered sewn the word "Epal" on a piece of white cloth.

Break time... lunchtime..

THis is my buddies - Neneth (newly member) & Aween.

Neneth busy with her Tulip Cushion project.

Aween concerntrating with her EPAL gold embroidery..
I just love my EPAL!


Rhondee said...

What a wonderful way to get to know your machines. Looks like you ladies were having a great time. I hope you will continue to enjoy sewing and playing on your machines.

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